Shiva may have been introduced in the second episode of The Walking Dead this season, but she’s finally been thrown into action. During tonight’s epic finale, she went to town on several Saviors.
Seriously, she tore those guys limb from limb – and it was amazing!
In an instant, Shiva became a new favorite character for a lot of fans. She may not have any lines, but she’s easily more bad-ass than Rick and Michonne combined.
Now that everyone is all-in on the Shiva train, you’re probably wondering what will happen to her. As always, looking to the comics is the best solution in this scenario.
At one point during the war, Ezekiel leads his men into battle against one of Negan’s outposts. Long story short, the mission does not go well. The Saviors overrun the soldiers, and Ezekiel orders a retreat.
As Ezekiel begins to escape, he is about to be killed by a large group of walkers. Shiva bursts onto the scene, and saves her master. She allows Ezekiel to escape, and the tiger is seen getting swallowed by the walkers.
Shiva has not appeared since this time, so it’s assumed that she was killed in the interaction. However, the death of the cat was never actually shown in a panel. If fans of The Walking Dead know one thing, it’s that you can never believe someone is dead until you actually see them die.
With that mentality, it’s easy to think that Shiva could still be alive. However, it’s not that likely.
Hopefully she will last much longer on the show.