The tears of the WWE Universe were flowing tonight as one, if not the, all-time greatest superstar to ever step inside a WWE ring called it a career. In a moment that will forever go down in WWE lore, The Undertaker laid rest to all speculation when he stood in the center of the ring and laid down his signature cloak, hat and gloves at WrestleMania, the event that had so wonderfully defined his career.
While losing to Roman Reigns was expected by many, seeing Undertaker actually take one last walk up the ramp left us all feeling crushed. Sure, we knew his time was coming, but after 27 years, having The Undertaker back for WrestleMania for the better part of our lives made us think that it was possible the Deadman might actually be immortal.
The retirement should do wonders for Roman Reigns’ career as he will always be able to say he was the one to finally end The Undertaker’s career; a boast even greater than beating the streak.
But what it does for Roman does nothing for us right now as we mourn the loss of a WWE Superstar who has been a constant through most of our lives.
End of an era! #WrestleMania #ThankYouTaker ?
— Deep ?? (@CricManiacDeep) April 3, 2017
#thankyoutaker I really don’t want to cry….
— Darren (@WWEFANSINCE87) April 3, 2017
My last Texas hero has retired. #THANKYOUTAKER #Wrestlemania
— ? (@Osito1034) April 3, 2017
Never for one second thought this day would come. One of, if not the, best ever. Thanks for the memories. #ThankYouTaker
— Liam McDonald (@Maccapacca4508) April 3, 2017
I can’t stop crying, my hero #ThankYouTaker #Wrestlemania
— Kelly Likes Lemonade (@KellABerry) April 3, 2017
Just teared up as my idol The Undertaker took his last ride. My childhood is officially over. ?? #ThankYouTaker #Wrestlemania
— Tony (@Trigga_Payne) April 3, 2017
#ThankYouTaker You sir will never be forgotten and will always remembered.
— Matthew Kleen (@MatthewKleen30) April 3, 2017
What an amazing career. The best superstar of all time. Thank you for everything. Thank you for all the memories. #ThankYouTaker ?
— Christian Diaz (@WWEisLife247) April 3, 2017
Throughout my childhood I watched this man do what he does best in the ring. To see him go hurts a lot. #ThankYouTaker #WrestleMania
— Arren (@aboyd215) April 3, 2017
From watching you perform throughout my childhood into my adulthood, you have always been incredible. G.O.A.T #ThankYouTaker
— Luke Render (@RenderLukes) April 3, 2017