After an incredibly-thrilling 90 minutes, the seventh season has finally concluded. Thankfully, this one didn’t end with a major cliffhanger.
As the off-season begins, fans actually get to breathe and relax. There’s no reason to dissect the episode over and over again, just to get a glimpse of who Negan might have killed.
Instead, we all get to look ahead. Everyone can live with the fun ending to this season, and guess about what could happen when the show returns.
With that in mind, we thought we’d take this time to kick things off. Here are some season eight predictions to begin this extremely long Summer break.
Judith Speaks
Let’s talk about something happy to start things off. Judith has been growing steadily over the last couple of seasons, and it’s finally time to take another step.
With all of the chaos surrounding the world of Rick Grimes, he could use something positive. Hearing his daughter’s first words would be such a joy.
Now, picture this: What if Judith’s first word calling Michonne ‘Mommy’.
Eugene Runs Back
Eugene can’t stand to be scared. He likes to make sure he’s on the winning side, and Negan may not be that side for long.
Once things get dangerous, or if Negan loses interest in him, Eugene will run back to Alexandria with his tail between his legs.
Rick may have accepted Dwight by this point, but it will be hard to take Eugene back.
Someone Gets Killed By A Walker
When you think about it, a major character hasn’t been killed by a zombie since Deanna. That’s crazy considering the show is supposed to be about zombies in the first place.
In season eight, that could change. Just as fans stop thinking about the dangers of walkers, make them dangerous again.
Sherry Discovered
Sherry freed Daryl from his cell, and then she disappeared. Dwight tried to follow her, but she was long gone.
Many think she’s gone for good, but that probably isn’t the case.
Dwight’s allegiance will need to be tested, and what better way to do that than bring Sherry back into the mix. If she’s in the Sanctuary, then Dwight will have a need to protect her.
Maggie Kills Gregory
In the comics, Maggie takes one final step toward taking control of Hilltop. Even though the people are following her already, she needs to permanently remove the current leader.
Gregory tries to kill her at one point, and Maggie survives. She then has Gregory hanged in the Hilltop courtyard.
This was an epic scene on paper, and it would be even better on the screen.