Sasha is not doing well. It’s clear that she’s on the verge of death, and she looks to be giving in to the possibility that she may not kill Negan after all.
She says she is switching sides, but everyone knows that Sasha would never do such a thing. She’s clearly willing to die before giving Negan another hand in the war, and that seems like the only outcome at thing point.
Some people believe Sasha may be dead – or dying – already.
It looks like she’s acting a bit odd at the end of the episode, and her shift in demeanor isn’t too promising.
She Got Herself Bit
It seems like something is definitely wrong with Sasha, and not just because she’s scared. The woman seems more on edge than ever before.
She was left in that cell with a walker, and she killed it, but did she work out some kind of other plan first? If Sasha had Davey bite her just before she killed him, she would be on her way to infection.
This would explain why she’s saying she wants to switch sides. At some point, hopefully while she’s near Negan, she will turn.
This would be a smart play from Sasha, as well as a parallel to the comic storyline.
She’s Planning A Suicide
Sasha wants to kill Negan, and it’s clear that she’s fine with that costing her entire life. This is why she asked Eugene for a weapon.
If she doesn’t have the opportunity to kill Negan, and all is lost, she can use the poison as a last resort.
If she kills herself, Negan can’t get anything he wants from her – or from her friends. This could be the final moment of defiance from a strong-willed character.
She’s Going To Kill Negan
This has been Sasha’s mission all along. In a perfect world, she succeeds at the end of the day. However, over the last seven seasons, we’ve learned that the world is anything but perfect.
Sasha has poison, and that’s it. She needs to find a way to utilize that in order to take out Negan.
Even if this works out, there’s almost zero chance Sasha walks away.