The new trailer for Shazam! has a fun little nod to Aquaman, another DC movie that had a trailer debut during Comic-Con this weekend.
About 20 seconds into the new trailer, Billy Batson is introduced to Freddie Freeman, his foster brother. As Freeman joshes Batson about their new home being like Game of Thrones, you can see that Freeman is wearing a black t-shirt with Aquaman’s logo on it.
Shazam! stars Asher Angel as Batson, an orphaned teen that bounces from home to home. After rescuing Freeman from some bullies, Batson is chosen by a wizard to inherit several magical abilities. Jack Grazer will play Freeman in the upcoming movie and Zachary Levi will play Batson’s alter ego Shazam! .
The trailer establishes Freeman as a major superhero fan, complete with memorabilia from his favorite superheroes. Although the bulk of Freeman’s superhero collection is dedicated to Batman and Superman, other heroes like Aquaman are represented too.
“Freddy’s a fanbody when it comes to Batman, Superman, the Justice League, so he becomes Billy’s mentor and sensei when it comes to being a superhero,” Grazer said in a previous interview.
Other memorabilia includes a Time magazine showing Zod’s spaceship from Man of Steel, along with a newspaper declaring that Superman had returned, referencing the events of Justice League. We also see a replica of a batarang and a dented bullet (that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity) in the new movie.
Freeman’s love of superheroes also comes in handy after Batson becomes Shazam and tries to learn how to use his powers. Freeman helps Shazam learn about his powers in the trailer, and also documents some of Shazam’s early attempts at superheroics.
Mark Strong, Ron Cephas Jones, Grace Fulton, Marta Milans, Cooper Andrews, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Caroline Palmer, and Andi Osho will also appear in the movie. David Sandberg will direct Shazam!
Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019.