The first full Aquaman move poster dropped on Monday ahead of San Diego Comic-Con and immediately fans began turning it into hilarious memes. Turns out, Aquaman director James Wan isn’t upset about the memes — he loves them.
In an interview with Wired, Wan revealed that he loves that fans are making memes out of the upcoming DCEU film’s poster — especially since some of those memes connect with how it feels for him to create the visual effects in the film.
“I love it,” Wan said. “The irony is when people ask me ‘How hard is it making this movie? Is there a lot of visual effects?’ I generally always say ‘I feel like I’m making an animated movie. I feel like I’m making Finding Nemo.’ I have no problem with people making a relationship between this and Finding Nemo because that’s one of my favorite movies ever.”
Many of the memes for the Aquaman poster have taken interesting and diverse Disney centric takes on the image of Jason Momoa’s titular hero crouched on a rock in the deep blue sea surrounded by ocean life. Some have simply added a character or to from Finding Nemo — Dory is a popular — while others have completely reimagined the poster as a movie for “Finding Nemo 3: Enter the Aquaman”
It’s not just hilarious Disney-centric memes that the poster has gathered, though. There were also some critical reactions to the poster, including people accusing it of “stealing” an image of a shark available through Getty Images as well as questions as to why Aquaman doesn’t look wet or why he’s wearing leather pants while under the water. Wan has taken those critiques in stride, even having a bit of a laugh about some of the reactions.
“Because he’s Jason Foockin’ Momoa!!!!” Wan wrote on Twitter about the leather pants issue. “You want him wearing swimming trunks?? Or pantsless? He’s already half naked for goodness sake. Haha.”
Poster aside, fans will get their first real look at the film later today at Warner Bros. Hall H presentation where the first trailer for the film is set to debut. Fans are so excited about getting a glimpse at the eagerly anticipated footage that some have been camping out for days just to ensure they get in. Wan was gracious about that as well, even taking the time to stop by yesterday and visit those fans to appreciate them for their dedication.