20th Century Fox has released a new image of The Predator just in time for San Diego Comic-Con.
The Twitter account for The Predator released a new and frightening image of the alien hunter to celebrate the beginning of San Diego Comic-Con. The image shows the Predator standing in front of a control panel, presumably of its space ship as it heads back to Earth.
The new movie, which will be directed by Shane Black, will bring the Predators back to Earth, now augmented with DNA from other alien species. After a young boy accidentally triggers a signal that causes the Predators to return, his Army Ranger father (played by Boyd Holbrook) leads a group of experienced rangers (and a disgruntled science teacher) in an attempt to fight the Predators.
However, the humans in The Predator have more than just the typical brand of invisible camo-wearing super-hunters to deal with. The movie will also introduce a stronger, faster, more powerful “Ultra Predator” that combines the Predator with the best traits of the various creatures it had hunted before.
Most of the cast of The Predator appeared at SDCC on Thursday and debuted several clips of the new movie. One scene that debuted at the panel showed two Predators fighting each other, with one actually defending some of the humans in the film.