Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a game-changing chapter of the Jurassic Park saga – especially the big twists of the film’s ending. Now that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has scored a dinosaur-sized opening weekend box office, it’s already time to start looking ahead and discuss what will be going down with Jurassic World 3.

As of now, Jurassic World 3 is slated to hit theaters on June 11, 2021. Between that preset date and the events of this latest film, there is one big question to answers before breaking down possible plot angles for the third film:

Slide 1 of 7 : Time Jump
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

The biggest determinate of Jurassic World 3‘s story will no doubt be the time jump that occurs between the second and third film.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom end with the small collection of surviving dinosaurs from Isla Nublar being released in the wild, or sold to shady collectors, all over the world. In some cases, the dinos find their way into the natural flow of the modern world; in other cases, those shady private collectors plan on using the ancient animals for genetic engineering, bio-weapon research, and all sorts of other potentially disastrous goals. Whether the dinos in the wild become the bigger threat, or mankind’s machinations get there first remains to be seen – but there’s a third possibility that could possibly outrun them both:

Claire Dearing and Owen Grady escape the Lockwood Estate incident with a much more shocking genetic test in tow: the clone of a human being, who was kept under the guise of being Lockwood’s granddaughter, when it is in fact the resurrected copy of his dead daughter. The big reveal opens the door for Jurassic World 3 to be something the franchise has never even seen before.

Here are a few ways it could go:

Slide 2 of 7 : War for The Lost World
Jurassic World 3 Lost World

Between Dinos breeding in the wild, and mankind now able to resurrect virtually any kind of ancient animal (human or dinosaur), the franchise could conceivably look ahead to a time where humanity is actually being eaten alive (literally and figuratively) by the ancient world of dinosaurs, and any sort of prehistoric mammals – from the saber-tooth tiger to ancient cavemen. For Claire, Owen and co., the game would be just trying to survive that world, and somehow reverse it.

Slide 3 of 7 : Jurassic Arms Arce
Jurassic World 3 Dino Riders

Now that the franchise has been opened up in such a big way, Jurassic World could spin-out into all sorts of side projects, while going a more focused route with the third installment. Fallen Kingdom revolved around the idea of Claire and Owen being responsible for paving the way to Dinosaurs being intelligent bio-weapons, so an actual military or humanitarian mission using a combined team of human soldiers and “smart dinosaur” assets would be a thrill.

Slide 4 of 7 : Jurassic Safari
Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Lion

With Dinosaurs now out in the wild and presumably breeding, one other possibility is for the third film to introduce more new characters, who are passionate about hunting or cataloguing or protecting those wild creatures. It would finally give the franchise a chance for a more expansive globe-trotting adventure, which could combine urban and wilderness landscapes in a blessedly simple Pokemon-style game of ‘catch them all.’

Slide 5 of 7 : Jurassic World: Extinction
Jurassic World 3 Extinction

If you want to go a bit darker, then the third film could possibly show a jump in time to a much more dystopian setting, when the last dregs of humanity are desperately trying to hold out against the dinosaurs, which have largely reclaimed their place as the top of the food change. Of course, characters like Owen, Claire and Maisie would still be alive and kicking in the resistance – and it would be interesting to see how their views of the dinosaurs had evolved (pun) after unleashing such carnage on humanity.

Slide 6 of 7 : This Is Jurassic Us
Jurassic World 3 Maisie

The Jurassic World franchise’s reveal of freakishly deadly and intelligent hybrids dinos, as well as human clones, could easily lead to one zany sci-fi conclusion: human and dinosaur hybrids! An Island of Dr. Moreau-style story about humans splicing themselves into prehistoric monstrosities would add a whole new sci-fi/horror undertone to the film – but may also jump the shark (or megalodon) completely.

Slide 7 of 7 : Jurassic Park III (Again)
Jurassic Park 3

Look, Jurassic World has – after two films – pretty much been a carbon-copy of both Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: The Lost World, so why stop now? Jurassic World 3 can return Claire, Owen, and some original franchise characters (like a wealthy, broken family) to another satellite island, or the ruins of Isla Nublar itself. They’d return for some kind of mission that could end the dinosaur threat once and for all, but surprise! There are still dinos prowling the island. It’s a thin, lazy story, and exactly what many now expect of this franchise.