Jared Leto becomes the latest actor to cross publishing lines with the announcement that the Suicide Squad star will star as Morbius, the Living Vampire in the Spider-Man villain’s solo film.

The upcoming Morbius film will embrace the darker and more horror-oriented corner of Sony’s Spider-Man universe, similar to the upcoming Venom. The character suffered from a rare blood disease and, in his attempts to cure himself, inadvertently turned himself in a bloodthirsty ghoul who regularly squared off with Peter Parker.

Leto’s performance as The Joker in Suicide Squad was met with mixed reactions, though, possibly the more widespread reactions are those attributed to how he prepared for the role. According to reports, he would send rats, dead hog, and condoms to his co-stars, yet his limited on-screen presence left many audiences wondering why he went to such extreme methods to antagonize his co-stars.

The actor faced backlash for these antics from fans, resulting in worrying reactions following the announcement that he was embracing Morbius. Others, however, feel this role is far more appropriate for the actor’s talents than other comic book characters he’s played.

See what fans are saying about Leto’s casting below!


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