Last November, Justice League became famous for all the wrong reasons, as audiences focused more on Henry Cavill’s CGI’d face than the fact that the biggest heroes in DC Comics history were finally sharing the screen for the first time.
As it turns out, the removal of his mustache wasn’t the only CGI work done on Cavill in the film. A fan on Twitter has pointed to Superman’s hands as another point of heavy CGI, and it’s something you probably won’t be able to unsee.
A user by the name of @MikeHope28 posted a screenshot of Superman in the third act of Justice League, floating above his enemies during the final battle. Mike writes, “I’ve only just noticed, but…his hands…are CGI. Why? Just why?”
While people hated the CGI mustacha-removal, the reason behind it was at least well-known. When Cavill returned for reshoots, he was still working on Mission Impossible: Fallout and, in that film, his character has a mustache. Contractually, he wasn’t allowed to remove the facial hair to go shoot additional Justice League scenes.