Following the news of Jon Bernthal returning to The Walking Dead, the AMC show’s fan base had mixed reactions.

While some are thrilled to have Shane Walsh back on the show, if only for a moment, others are heartbroken at what his return seems to imply given the news of Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the show in Season Nine.

Of course, the Internet’s reactions are sometimes the best part of groundshaking headlines such as “Jon Bernthal Returning to ‘The Walking Dead‘ in Season 9,” and some of the best have been compiled on the slides below!

Slide 1 of 5 Thrilled
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A large portion of The Walking Dead‘s fan base is thrilled to see Bernthal return for a moment in Season Nine.

It makes Frex “so happy,” because the death of Carl had her feeling down on Season Nine, in addition to he news of Lincoln’s departure. Bernthal’s return, though, might make it all worth it.

Others only need a few words to express their excitement.

Slide 2 of 5Heartbroken

Others are not as thrilled as they realize this probably means Rick is not leaving the show with an option to return. A likely hallucination or flashback scenario means Rick is on his way to the other side.

“It’s terrible news” according to Michelle Pope “because we all know what it means.” Pope seems to believe Shane’s appearance will be to welcome Rick to the other side.

Tadija Krstanovic, however, wants to see Rick realize he has become everything he feared in Shane Walsh.

Slide 3 of 5Mixed

Others can’t quite seem to make up their mind on The Walking Dead‘s current direction.

Priya Dave seems to be unsatisfied by The Walking Dead’s narrative but a Shane Walsh appearance is still exciting.

Becca is “beyond happy” and the news of Shane Walsh “made [her] day.”

J.D. Young thinks the AMC show could just swap Bernthal and Lincoln and keep going! Terrible idea or no?

Slide 4 of 5All the Shane

 Danielle, who according to her current Twitter name will be meeting Chandler Riggs soon, is “all for” Bernthal’s quick return as Shane Walsh. “It would make sense since Rick is most likely dying.”

Then there are the gif reactions.

Of course, if Shane returns without saying “Let me tell ya somethin’ Rick,” or “Let me ask you somethin’,” then it would all be for nothing.

Lisa gets it.

Slide 5 of 5 Seen This Before

Fallen characters returning to The Walking Dead is nothing the show hasn’t seen before. The Governor, Beth, and others made appearances in Tyreese’s Season Five death as he hallucinated on the way out.