Fan speculation regarding Jon Bernthal’s return to The Walking Dead as Shane Walsh reached new heights of ridiculous when a twin theory began.

Shane Walsh was killed in The Walking Dead‘s second season. He returned during a quick hallucination in Season Three but and has merely been a subject of uncommon discussion among characters since. Still, he is primed to make an appearance during Andrew Lincoln’s final season as Rick Grimes, and some fans are hoping it is more than a flashback or an hallucination.

Some fans of The Walking Dead think Jon Bernthal might actually return as Shane’s twin brother. No, it’s not going to happen, but the theory is ridiculous and, as a result, hilarious.

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Twitter user Carl Williams really believes Shane’s twin brother, also played by Bernthal, could be a realistic possibility.

“More chance of that than Shane coming back from the dead,” Carl said. Fortunately, neither scenario is happening, but there’s nothing wrong with having hope.

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Most of the fan’s suspecting (or joking) Bernthal’s return is as Shane’s twin have been trying to name the character.

From Shane Walsh to Blane Walsh! Or Shawn Walsh, maybe? Anything is possible (but not really).

Other thinks Shane’s brother Wayne could be popping up.

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Twitter user Bryan S. really thinks he is on to something with his twin theory.

He’s not alone. Alex F—ing Grim is in the same camp.

Fortunately, of all the stunts The Walking Dead has pulled through its eight years, this won’t be one.

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The only other ridiculous theory being tossed around by fans (who are probably just joking around) is that Bernthal will make an appearance as his new best-known character, Marvel’s Punisher.

Caody Paysinger is on board with The Punisher showing up to wreck the apocalypse with his killing skills.


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As outlandish as the theory might be, some fans are supporting it simply because they want to see Bernthal back in action on The Walking Dead permanently.

Lil Sebastian is here for it. And Lil Sebastian isn’t alone

Nothing quite screams support for the ridiculous idea as a gif of Jon Bernthal dancing on Conan.

It all just comes down to a genuine love from the fans for Jon Bernthal.