Jackie Earle Haley has played bad guys all across the pop culture landscape, from Freddy Kruger to Robocop’s Rick Mattox. And now we know what he could look like as the Clown Prince of Crime.
BossLogic recently shared a new piece depicting Haley as DC Comics villain The Joker. You can check it out below.
Just a Joker filled day @jackieearle pic.twitter.com/zRfZHjYage
— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) September 16, 2017
Haley is no stranger to the DC Comics world, as he is perhaps best known for playing Rorschach in the live-action version of Watchmen. He also has lent his talents to the television side of DC and Vertigo Comics, appearing on both Human Target and the first season of Preacher. And thanks to this piece, it isn’t too hard to picture him portraying the Joker – perhaps the ‘dark and bullied’ version in the in-development Joker standalone movie.
This hypothetical version of Haley as the Joker combines quite a few aesthetics. His ensemble is fairly similar to Heath Ledger’s suit in The Dark Knight, and the bright green hair and face makeup evoke a more rugged version of Jared Leto’s current portrayal.