The Walking Dead Season Eight is going to be a test for the show’s warriors, and some will be more prepared for it than others.
As the synopsis for Season Eight promises, the next 16 episodes will show the “All Out War” arc being realized on television. It’s an arc characters like Carol Pelettier have been preparing for while others, like Ezekiel, will struggle with the battles a bit more. Showrunner Scott Gimple revealed as much while chatting with TVLine.
“Her entire storyline has prepared her for this — she’s ready,” Gimple said. “The strength and bravery that she shows as a person this season, and the ingenuity that she employs… is very satisfying.” It’s a welcome change, certainly, for fans who have been rooting for the Carol of old to shine through.
Ezekiel, on the other hand, will look to rally the Kingdom for war but have a bit of hard time with it all himself. “There are some intense times ahead for Ezekiel,” Gimple said. “Carol is not going to be surprised about the difficulty and brutality that they’re facing. Ezekiel is a little more new to this. The contrast [between the two] will be pretty stark.”