Fans know the MCU has plenty of moving pieces, but audiences just couldn’t let Thor be last year. The hero was missing from Captain America: Civil War, prompting a storm of questions from fans. However, there’s a perfectly good reason for why the Asgardian skipped out on Tony Stark’s fight with Steve Rogers.
Sadly, Thor’s reason has to do with the universe’s destruction.
Film had a chance to visit the set of Thor: Ragnarok when the film was shooting, and the latter just revealed what Thor’s been up to since Avengers: Age of Ultron ended. You can read the site’s teaser below:
“For all the fans who have been wondering why Thor wasn’t around to get involved with the skirmish in Captain America: Civil War, the events of Thor: Ragnarok hold the answer. When we catch up with Thor at the beginning of the movie, he’s been away on his own for two years, but he hasn’t been sulking,” Slash Film writes.
“Instead, he’s been trying to track down the puppet master behind some of the recent near-world-ending events, and looking for the Infinity Stones in order to prevent the doomed future he saw for Asgard and his people in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This has sent him across the cosmos on a number of adventures that have branched off from his original quest.”
If you don’t remember the content of Thor’s vision, you will want to brush up on it before Thor: Ragnarok debuts. The blockbuster saw the god enter a dream-like sequence after Wanda messed with his mind. Thor appeared to enter the halls of Vahalla to discover Heimdall waiting for him. The seer’s eyes were glowing, but his words to Thor were far more disconcerting. The Asgardian told the hero everyone was dead and that Thor had been their destroyer.
Unsettled by the vision, Thor went to force himself into a second vision. The god succeeded and had a premonition about the Infinity Stones, so it seems Thor skipped out on Earth to secure the enormously powerful tokens. However, the god hasn’t found the task so easy. Thanos is a mighty opponent, and he’s determined to collect the gems for himself. Avengers: Infinity War has all but confirmed the Mad Titan comes into most of the jewels, so it may fall on Thor to warn his former team mates about their world’s impending destruction.