Even though Game of Thrones has ended for the season, fans are still discovering things from the series to theorize about, and now there is a new fan-theory about Jon Snow’s name.
WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Game of Thrones Season 7!
As reported by BroBible, a Reddit user named duh_metrius noticed something interesting about Jon’s name and decided to share their thoughts with a theory that is going viral and receiving much attention.
The user wrote, “I know this has probably already occurred to everybody, but I was thinking about how Ned named his three sons after people who were close to him.”
They added, “Robb is named after Robert Baratheon, Bran is named after Ned’s brother Brandon, and Rickon is named after Ned’s father. But then I remembered that Jon is named after Jon Arryn, the man who wasn’t Ned’s father, but raised him like a son. That’s a really beautiful detail.”
After receiving many responses from other Reddit users, duh_metrius followed their post by saying, “Glad so many people enjoyed this! Just want to clarify: I’ve always known Jon was named after Jon Arryn; it’s the parallel in the relationships that dawned on me today.”
The recent Game of Thrones season seven finale revealed to fans that Jon Snow’s real name is Aegon Targaryen, though, he doesn’t know that yet.
As a baby, he was given to his uncle Ned to raise in secret, since all Targaryens were being hunted following the reign of the Mad King.
Ned, it appears, named Jon after Jon Arryn, who was the Lord of the Vale, Ned’s mentor, and his predecessor as Hand of the King.
Snow, however, is the last name given to all Northern bastards.