Warning: Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers ahead!
As Season 7 of Game of Thrones came to a close last week, Jon Snow and Daenerys went to King’s Landing to ask for Cersei’s help in fighting the White Walkers. To no one’s surprise, Cersei later revealed she was double crossing them.
It seemed like Cersei ended up with the upper hand, but that might not actually be the case. Is it possible that Jon and Dany were actually pulling one over on Cersei, and she fell right into their trap?
One user on Reddit stated that Jon and Dany were actually lying from the get-go. Their theory suggests that everything that was done at the meeting was designed to make Cersei angry so that she would turn down the truce. If she did that, Daenerys looks like the sole savior of Westeros when the Night King is defeated, and the people will support her claim to the throne against Cersei’s.
It starts with Daenerys arriving on the back of a dragon. She showed power, yes, but she was oddly late. The theory states that this was intentional, just one of the ways to keep Cersei from being agreeable.
Later on, Tyrion goes up into Cersei’s chambers alone. This could have been bait, as an attempt to kill the hand of the queen would give Daenerys more than enough reason to attack King’s Landing.
If this theory is legitimate, it’s a really smart move for Daenerys. She can take the throne without looking like the foreign conqueror that she fears becoming.