WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the seventh season of Game of Thrones! Continue reading at your own risk…
Season 7 of Game of Thrones brought many of the show’s distant storylines together, and set everything up for the final installment. Jon Snow and Daenerys are ruling things together, Cersei is still evil, the Night King is marching on Westeros — You know, the usual.
While some questions about the final season were answered, a million more were created. There are an incredibly amount of loose ends to tie up in such a short amount of time.
With that in mind, fan theories are going to be key for Season 8. Many of them will be bogus, but a few will turn out to be more important than anyone gave them credit for.
So, let’s take a look at five theories that will important to know when Season 8 comes around.
Tyrion’s Plan
Tyrion seemed really creepy in the end of the season finale, watching Daenerys and Jon go into her room from under the stairs.
Some fans believe that Tyrion was jealous of this, that he’s found himself in love with his queen. However, a new theory suggests that he has a plan in place that Daenerys doesn’t know about, and he’s worried Jon will ruin things.
Dany needs an heir to her throne, but she keeps saying she can’t have kids. This is something Tyrion is very worried about, as he made clear earlier in the season.
When Tyrion talked to Cersei, the conversation abruptly after he stated that she was pregnant. Next thing anyone knows, the duo are walking back to the dragon pit.
This theory suggests that Tyrion has made a deal with Cersei. If Daenerys wins the war, she will take Cersei’s baby as her own and make it heir to her throne. This way, she can keep a Lannister in King’s Landing.
When Tyrion saw Jon and Dany together, he got worried that the two would have a baby, ruining his plan entirely.
Baby Targaryen
Speaking of babys, that leads right into the theory that Jon will get Daenerys pregnant while they’re on the boat.
The witch said that Dany was cursed and couldn’t have any more children, but how accurate was that. Jon believes Dany can reproduce, and he tells her that the lady probably lied to her in the first place.
If this happens, the whole Targaryen bloodline starts over again. The Seven Kingdoms were ruled by pure Targaryens for some time, and this baby could continue that streak.
Of course, this all hinges on the idea that Dany was lied to in the first season.
Bran’s Role
There are several different theories about Bran heading into the last season, and all of them could be vital to the future of Westeros.
First off, many believe that Bran is actually the Night King. Some believe that the two are one in the same because Bran warged into the Night King before he was actually turned into a White Walker. This is far-fetched, but a very popular theory.
Second, there’s the idea that Bran has a correlation to his ancestor, Bran the Builder. This would somehow tie Bran into the creation of the wall, or its rebuilding process after the war is over.
Finally, a lot of fans subscribe to the notion that Bran is actually the one that drove the Mad King mad. When he’s travelling back in time, some people can hear his voice as whispers. The idea is that the Mad King heard Bran’s voice and it drove him insane.
Aegon the Conqueror
As the season finale revealed, Jon Snow’s real name is actually Aegon Targaryen.
In the history of Westeros, that name has come up quite a bit. Jon would be the fifth, actually.
The first Aegon was known as The Conqueror. He was the one who used dragons to unite the Seven Kingdoms when they were at war.
If his name is any indication, Jon Snow could be the one to unite the people and end the war once again.
Death of Cersei
Plenty of characters are going to die in the final season. That’s just a given fact.
However, there has been a lot of theories surrounding Cersei’s death in particular. She’s got a lot working against her, so any number of things could happen.
Some fans believe the prophecy that was told to Cersei when she was a child. If this is true, she will die before giving birth to her fourth child.
Another theory suggests that Jaime will live up to his name. He’s the Kingslayer and, despite the fact that he’s loved his sister forever, it seems like he could be the one to cut her down. Even if he doesn’t deliver the final blow, it would make sense to see him standing by as Cersei is killed.