The episode opens in King’s Landing where Dany’s forces arrive for the meeting. The Unsullied and Dothraki each show up on Cersei’s doorstep with Jaime and Bronn overseeing the castle’s defenses.
Dany’s ships approach. Tyrion, Jon Snow, Davos, Varys, and Theon are all on board. The Hound digs around in the bottom of the ship and makes sure the wight is still alive.
Cersei asks why Dany isn’t with the men and Qyburn says he doesn’t know. Everyone is heading to the dragon pit. Cersei tells The Mountain that if anything goes wrong, he is supposed to kill Dany first, then Tyrion, and then Jon Snow.
Tyrion and Jorah tell everyone in their group, which is being led by Bronn, about the history of the dragon pit.
Brienne and Pod run into the group, as they’ve already arrived. Pod reunites with Tyrion and they have a friendly moment. The Hound and Brienne also have a reunion where Brienne tells him that Arya is alive. Brienne says that the only one needing protecting now is whoever gets in Arya’s way. The Hound smiles. Tyrion and Bronn have a nice conversation about their past together.
In the Dragon Pit
The entire group of outsiders enter the dragon pit and Bronn motions them toward a set of tents. Tyrion looks around at the soldiers guarding it. Everyone looks skeptical. Bronn invites Pod to leave with him to get a drink while everyone else talks.
Cersei enters the pit with Qyburn, Jaime, The Mountain, and Euron. The Hound approaches The Mountain and addresses him. He tells The Mountain, “you know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.”
Tyrion tells Cersei that Daenerys will be there soon. Not long after, Dany rides in on the back of Drogon while everyone in the pit watches. As she dismounts, Drogon flies away. Dany takes her seat next to Tyrion.
Tyrion is the first to speak, but he’s interrupted by Euron who threatens Theon. He says that he has Yara and he will kill her. Euron then threatens Tyrion before Cersei and Jaime make him sit back down.
Jon Snow and Tyrion then talk with Cersei about the army of the dead and why they have to work together. She doesn’t take it seriously. Dany says that she won’t be attacking until the Night King is dealt with.
The Hound brings in the box that contains the wight. He opens it up and the wight charges at Cersei. When it’s about to get to her the hound pulls it back by a chain then cuts it in half. The two halves of the creature still try to attack. Qyburn picks up the wight’s still-moving hand and Jon Snow shows that only fire and dragonglass are the only things that will stop them.
He tells Cersei that The Great War is here, and that it’s the only war that matters. Dany says that she didn’t believe it either but she saw the entire army. 100,000 undead soldiers.
Euron asks if they can swim and Jon says no. Euron then says he’s taking his fleet back to the Iron Islands. Cersei says that he’s a coward as he leaves. She then accepts the truce and says that she will allow Jon Snow to be King in the North if he stays out of the fight with her and Dany. Jon Snow declines the offer, saying he cannot serve two queens. He has already pledged himself to Dany and won’t back down from that promise. Cersei then pulls her truce and leaves.
Brienne then tries to convince Jaime to talk to Cersei and convince her to reconsider.
Dany says that she’s grateful for Jon Snow standing by her side but everyone agrees that he should have lied. He says he will not make an oath that he can’t live up to. Tyrion says that he’s going to talk to Cersei.
In Cersei’s Castle
Tyrion is escorted to Jaime’s company by The Mountain. Jaime says that Cersei won’t listen to him. He tells Tyrion goodbye before letting him into Cersei’s room.
Tyrion tells Cersei that he doesn’t want to tear their family down and that’s why he convinced Dany to meet with her. Tyrion tries to bait Cersei into killing him since she hates him so much, but she can’t do it. Of course, he then pours himself a drink, and another for Cersei.
Cersei asks why Tyrion supports Dany and he says she will make the world a better place. Cersei then touches her stomach at one point and Tyrion noticed. He calls out her pregnancy.
Dany and Jon talk in the dragon pit and she says that she respects what he did. She says that the pit marked the end for her family. This is where the dragons wasted away and the Targaryens became small without them. Jon says that she isn’t like anyone else and that the witch who said she wouldn’t have kids might have been wrong.
Tyrion returns to the pit by himself. He’s immediately followed by Cersei and her knights. She says that she will march her armies north and they will fight alongside one another against the dead.
In Winterfell
Littlefinger and Sansa are talking about Jon and why he isn’t back yet. They have learned that he bent the knee to Daenerys Targaryen. Littlefinger suggests that maybe Jon wants to marry her and form an alliance between the North and the South. He suggests that Sansa remove Jon as King in the North. She says that Arya won’t go along with it, then tells Littlefinger about Arya’s time with the Faceless Men.
Sansa then reveals that Arya came to Winterfell to murder her so that she could become Lady of Winterfell.
At Dragonstone, Dany and her crew talk about the strategy going forward. Jon says that the Northerners need to see them as allies and that they should sail to White Harbor together. She agress.
As Jon leaves, Theon wants to talk to him. He says that Jon risked everything to tell the enemy the truth. Jon says everyone needs to be honest in order fight together. Theon says Jon has always been the one making the right steps, and that he has always tried to be a good person as well. Jon says that Ned is still a part of Theon, even if he doesn’t realize it. He forgives Theon for what he’s done to his family. Jon says that Theon doesn’t need to choose anymore, he’s a Greyjoy and a Stark. Theon needs to go save his sister and Jon tells him to do so.
Theon then goes to the shores and tells the other Greyjoy men that they have to go save Yara because she’s their queen. He admits that he’s a coward but that he’s loyal to Yara. The leader of the men spits in face, telling him to run away. The two begin fighting and Theon is getting beaten at first. He keeps getting put down but he continues to get back up. Theon then wins the fight and orders the men to find Yara. They agree and begin to sail.
In Winterfell
Sansa tells a soldier to bring her sister to the great hall. Arya arrives to see all of the Lords of the North gathered before Sansa and Bran. The door shuts behind her.
Sansa lists off a list of things Arya is guilty of, but then addresses them to Littlefinger. This is his trial. She says he murdered Lysa Arryn and he says he did it to protect hit. Sansa also says he conspired to murder Jon Arryn. Littlefinger tries to talk his way out of it but Sansa says that he was the one who started the war between the Lannisters and Starks, leading to Ned’s death. Bran speaks up and says he saw it, then Arya pulls out the dagger he said belonged to Tyrion. Littlefinger pleads with Sansa, but she calls him out for selling her to the Boltons.
Littlefinger turns to the Lords and pleads then gets on his knees and begs Sansa for his life. He cries and says he loves her, but she says he betrayed her. Arya slits his throat with the dagger and Littlefinger dies.
Back in King’s Landing, Jaime is talking strategy with his men. Cersei asks him why he’s planning to go North. She says that she was lying and that they aren’t helping Jon and Dany against the Night King. She says their armies won’t help stop them. Their child will rule Westeros, she says. Jaime pleads to help fight. Cersei says the dragons are vulnerable and that when the Night King depletes Dany’s army, they will be able to win. She says that Euron went fetch the Golden Company for her. Jaime then walks away from Cersei once and for all.
As Jaime rides out, snow falls over King’s Landing.
Sam Arrives in Winterfell
Sam goes up to Bran’s room and talks with him. Bran tells him that he became the Three-Eyed Raven and that he can see things that happened in the past and around the world. Bran says that Jon is on his way back to Winterfell with Daenerys. Bran says that he needs to know the truth. He says that Jon is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.
Sam then says that Rhaegar actually wed Lyanna, making Jon a legitimate son. Bran goes back in a vision and watches Jon’s parents get married. Bran says that Robert’s rebellion was built on a lie.
Jon knocks on the door of Dany’s chambers. He enters without saying anything and closes the door. Tyrion sees him go inside. He says Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen. Jon and Dany are then seen in bed, having sex.
Bran says Jon has never been a bastard, that he’s the heir to the Iron Throne. He says that they need to tell him when he arrives.
In Winterfell, Sansa and Arya talk about Littlefinger and that they’re grateful for each other. They both say they miss their father.
Bran is sitting by the tree, warging to a raven at Eastwatch by the sea. Tormund and Beric walk along the wall. The look out over the northern side of the wall when they see the army of the dead approaching.
The Night King appears on the back of Viserion and he puts an enormous hole in the wall using blue fire from his mouth. Tormund runs down from the perch with all of his soldiers. Eastwatch begins to crumble and Tormund watches as the wall comes down. The dead begin marching into Westeros.
The end.