No matter how you felt about Jon and Dany getting together in the Game of Thrones season finale, you can’t change the fact that it actually happened. Their hooking up was a bit on the creepy side, but so was the notion that they had someone standing outside the door, spying on their intimate actions.
Tyrion watched from afar as Jon and Dany went inside her room for some #BoatSex, and it had fans wondering exactly what his intentions were. Some have thought that he was jealous of Jon, wanting himself to be with Dany. While this is plausible, another theory out there suggests that Tyrion was worried about a choice he had already made, and the impact this union could have on his future.
What if Tyrion made a deal with Cersei behind Daenerys’ back?
Jon Negroni — the creator of the well-know Pixar Theory — posed this possible theory on Twitter late Sunday night. He mentioned that Tyrion’s meeting with Cersei had a bit of an abrupt ending, and that she seemed to change her mind awfully quick.
Pretty sure Tyrion and Cersei made a deal he hasn’t told Daenerys about…yet
— Jon Negroni (@JonNegroni) August 28, 2017
This theory suggests that Tyrion offered something to Cersei in order to get her help in fighting off the Night King — her unborn child’s place as Daenerys’ successor once she reaches the throne.
Think back to the conversation Tyrion had with Dany about naming a successor. He wanted her to think long-term and, since she apparently can’t have children, she needs to look out for someone to take her place. Much to the dismay of Tyrion, his queen isn’t ready to think about such things.
According to Negroni’s theory, Tyrion realized Cersei was pregnant and offered her child the chance to reign after Daenerys, provided she wins the war. With Cersei looking after family above anything else, this would assure the Lannisters a place in the future of Westeros. This was her insurance, should her plan somehow backfire and she loses the war with Daenerys.
This explains why Tyrion looks so broken up watching Jon and Dany get together. He’s worried that — despite what the witch predicted — Daenerys could get pregnant after being with Jon. If this happens, there is a rightful successor after her, and the whole plan about taking in Cersei’s child would backfire. Tyrion would then lose the upper hand, and lose any trust Daenerys still had in him.
If this theory is true, the intimacy between Jon and Dany was about a lot more than accidental incest. Tyrion’s life, and the future of House Lannister, could depend on it.