Traditionally, the biggest deaths in Game of Thrones happen in the penultimate episodes, but this season is set to be a little different. Last week, fans predicted that there would be a few major deaths, but that wasn’t exactly the case.
Since it seemed as though the series went a little easy on us in episode six, many are thinking that Sunday’s finale will have a couple of big death scenes that no one is exactly ready for.
Between the war coming down from the north and the fact that Cersei is bringing all of her enemies into one place, there’s bound to be at least one meaningful departure as Season 7 concludes.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few characters who could potentially bite the dust this week:
A dangerous game is playing up at Winterfell, and Littlefinger could soon find himself on the losing side.
Unless Arya has gone completely insane, there’s no way she’d try and kill her sister over some petty disagreements. And it’s tough to think that Sansa would trust Littlefinger over Arya, despite her sister’s odd behavior.
A lot of fans are thinking that Arya and Sansa are both playing Littlefinger, allowing him to believe that he has the upper hand.
If this is true, the Stark sisters can catch Baelish in his lie and make sure that he never has the chance to ruin someone else’s life.
The Hound or The Mountain
For years, Game of Thrones fans have been begging to see the showdown between the bad-blooded Clegane brothers, The Mountain and The Hound. This potential fight has come to be known as the Cleganebowl.
There’s a possibility that the highly-anticipated bout could take place in the season finale, as it’s the first time in a long time that the brothers have been in the same place.
The Hound is travelling to King’s Landing with Jon Snow and Daenerys, while The Mountain is already there, serving as the zombified muscle for Cersei.
There is no love lost between these two, and the showdown could only end with one of them dead.
(Don’t worry, our money’s on The Hound.)
Tormund Giantsbane
Look, no one wants this to happen, but we have to discuss the fact that it’s a possibility.
Jon left Tormund in charge of Eastwatch by the sea, which is the castle on the wall closest to the Night King’s current location. Now that evil has been given an undead ice dragon, the White Walkers will get to Westeros much sooner than expected.
All that’s standing between that dragon and Westeros is Eastwatch, and Tormund Giantsbane.
If the Night King attacks the castle, and Tormund is still inside, it’s really difficult to think that he could make it out alive.
Theon Greyjoy
It’s seemed like Theon’s number has been up for quite a while.
For a few seasons, the young Greyjoy was servicing the story by adding to the evil of Ramsay Bolton’s character. Once that was over, and he helped Yara get her boats, what was the purpose of having Theon around?
At this point, Theon is just trying to save Yara from their uncle Euron, but that doesn’t really matter much anymore. Jon and Daenerys are focused on the Night King, not Cersei, so the whole war at sea is pretty much at a standstill.
Letting Theon sacrifice himself for Jon or Yara would mark a truly completed arc for his character, and we could all feel better about sort-of-liking him for this long.