Game of Thrones fans rejoiced when Gendry finally stopped rowing that boat and reunited with Davos earlier this season. The bastard son of Robert Baratheon instantly become good buddies with Jon Snow and it seems as though he could be a great ally to have in the war against Night King.
According to a new theory however, Gendry could be more important than anyone is giving him credit for. In fact, the hammer-wielding blacksmith could possibly have a claim to the throne that rivals that of Jon Snow.
What if Gendry isn’t a bastard at all, and he’s actually the legitimate child of Robert and Cersei?
A Reddit user named roniza brought up a conversation from the second episode of the series that may change everything we know about the character. While Catelyn is talking to Cersei, the queen reveals that she and Robert lost a baby. She says that the baby had black hair, which we know Cersei doesn’t like.
Two episodes later, Ned found out that Jon Arryn, before he died, talked with Gendry about his mother. Gendry then said that he knew his mother was blonde.
Later on in the series, Cersei revealed that all of her children were actually Jaime’s, not Roberts. She wanted them to all be blonde-haired Lannisters, and not the offspring of Robert. As twisted as Cersei’s mind is, it’s not a stretch to think that she lied about her baby dying.
So, according to this theory, Cersei gave birth to her first child and, when seeing it had dark hair, realized that it was Robert’s. This didn’t fly with her so she got rid of it. Gendry learned that he was Robert’s son, but assumed he was a bastard because he didn’t think Cersei was his mother.
If this is true, Gendry would technically be the heir to the Iron Throne. The only argument to be made is whether that throne belongs to the Targaryens, or to the Baratheons who took it from them.
The Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones will air on HBO this Sunday, August 27 at 9 p.m. ET.