There’s only one episode of Game of Thrones left this season, but it promises to be packed with action, reunions, big reveals, and probably a pretty big cliffhanger. Currently clocking in at 79 minutes, “The Dragon and the Wolf” is set to bring the house down heading into the final season.
With that in mind, fans are thinking that there will be quite a few mysteries solved during the episode, and they’ve all got a theory to prove it.
From Littlefinger’s fate to Gendry’s importance, there are a ton of fan theories floating around about this weekend’s finale. Some are nothing more than an idea somebody had, while others seem to be gaining some traction among the Game of Thrones community.
We think these five fan theories could really have an impact on the season finale:
Who Are the Dragon and the Wolf
The title of the finale has had fans talking since it was announced this past week, mainly because “The Dragon and the Wolf” can mean a couple of different things.
A large section of the fanbase sides with the easy solution here – that the title is referring to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.
Despite the fact that these characters are secretly related to one another, they’ve been getting closer and closer to becoming an actual couple. After the hand-holding scene in last week’s episode, many fans are thinking that the dragon and wolf are Jon and Dany, and that the title indicates that they will be getting together.
On the other side of the fence, some believe that the title refers to Jon’s parents, Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.
If this is true, we could finally be seeing the story of Jon’s lineage play out via Bran’s visions of the past. We know that Lyanna Stark had a secret baby with Rhaegar, and we know that Rhaegar had his marriage annulled before tying the knot with someone else. However, we don’t know with 100% certainty that the two were officially married and gave birth to Jon. This episode could finally put all of the theories to rest and show fans Jon’s true lineage.
Just remember, if this officially gets revealed, it makes Jon Snow the true heir to the Iron Throne.
Gendry’s Importance
Gendry has been off rowing a boat for a few seasons, but he’s back and ready for action heading into the final season.
Some people online have been theorizing that Gendry will play an important role in fighting the Night King because he’s a skilled blacksmith, that he will forge new weapons out of dragonglass and Valyrian steel.
However, there is a bigger theory about Gendry floating around that could change everything we know about Game of Thrones.
What if Gendry is the true son of Cersei and King Robert?
This theory basically states that Cersei’s first child had black hair instead of blonde, and she realized it was Robert’s offspring and not Jaime’s. Since she didn’t want to have children with Robert, she claimed that the baby had died during birth and sent the newborn away from the castle in secret. This baby would later grow up to be the Gendry we know and love.
If this is the case, Gendry has a legitimate claim to the throne, even though it doesn’t exactly seem like he would want it.
Benjen Is the Key
Benjen Stark was interesting because he was equal parts dead and alive. After being left to die, he was saved by the Children of the Forest when they put dragonglass in his heart. This is the same method they used to create White Walkers.
While Benjen is dead like a White Walker, he doesn’t share their destructive mindset. He still wants the living to win the war.
With all of that in mind, Benjen could be the key to winning the war. If he’s made out of the same materials as the White Walkers, there’s a good chance he could still be alive after being taken down by the wights.
Let’s say Benjen survives, he could easily march with the Night King’s army, masking himself as a wight. When the moment is right, he could turn the tide of the entire war with one simple swing of the sword.
Arya’s Putting on a Show
Arya and Sansa have been at war over the last couple of episodes, with Littlefinger pulling the strings behind all of their actions. It seems like the sisters won’t stop until the other gives up, or kills them.
Are we giving the Stark sisters enough credit? What if the two are putting a show, beating Littlefinger at his own game?
In the last episode, when Arya was talking to Sansa about who she wanted to be when she grew up, she seemed to say many things that just didn’t seem all that necessary.
According to a Reddit user named deitery, this is just Arya using her time with Lady Crane to her advantage.
If you recall, the youngest Stark sister ended up with a group of actors for a while, and Lady Crane took the girl under her wing to teach her the ways of the stage.
Perhaps Arya is just acting to throw off Littlefinger, and she’s got a deadly surprise waiting for him.
Bran’s Role
Bran looks to be one of the secrets to beating the Night King once and for all. However, some fans are thinking that he actually is the Night King.
Based on the way that the two characters dress, this theory suggests that Bran made some kind of mistake when he was travelling in the visions. There are two trains of thought here.
The first idea is that, while Bran was witnessing the birth of the White Walkers, he tried to warg into the man who was being turned in order to keep the White Walkers from being created in the first place. This plan obviously backfired, and the Night King was created from a man who possessed the mind of the Three-Eyed Raven.
The other idea here suggests that Bran knows something we don’t, and that he’s controlling the Night King on purpose. It’s suggested that the Song of Fire and Ice is meant to symbolize a balance, and the birth of Daenerys’ dragons have thrown that balance off. This means that it’s actually the Night King’s duty to destroy the threat, and start over again.