Mention the term “Flashpoint” and you’re bound to think of time travel, and you can’t have time travel without a flux capacitor!
That is at the center of this new poster from artist Samuel Cheve. He took the classic Back the Future poster starring Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Michael J Fox (Marty McFly) and subbed in the two main heroes involved in the “Flashpoint” storyline. That would be Batman and The Flash, represented here by their DCEU counterparts Ben Affleck and Ezra Miller respectively.
Cheve coupled the artwork with the caption “BACK TO THE…BATFORE AND AFTER ⚡️⚡️SWIPE FOR ZOOM!! I know that I am not the first to have the idea but as I was born in the 80s.”
You can find more of Samuel Cheve’s artwork on Instagram and Twitter.
Warner Bros. definitely got people’s attention when they announced that The Flash solo film was titled Flashpoint. The original storyline created a new and harsher world thanks to Flash’s meddling in the past. It also gave fans a now-popular Batman, with Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne rocking the cape and cowl.
Recently the CW tried their hand at the popular storyline, but it wasn’t as well received by fans. Hopefully Warner Bros. can get it right on the big screen, and many think it could be the way to rewrite certain storylines and roles that the studio wants to get rid of.