It’s certainly been a wild week for the DCEU, and, as comic book fans should expect, Joker was at the center of the chaos.
It was announced that Martin Scorsese is producing a Joker origin film without current Joker actor Jared Leto, but that was followed by the news that Leto and Margot Robbie would star in a Harley Quinn and Joker spin-off film. Of course, this propelled Leto back into the spotlight in regards to his role as the Clown Prince of Crime, and Suicide Squad director David Ayer has once again come to his defense.
Leto appeared on a recent radio show where he shot down the rumors that Suicide Squad was a mess on set, and that he was acting crazy around the other actors. “90% of it wasn’t true,” he claimed. Later on in the interview, Leto said that he was committed to playing the Joker and that he’s “really proud to be a part” of the DCEU.
On Twitter, David Ayer stepped in to support Leto’s story, saying that he wasn’t the on-set monster that people were making him out to be.
It was a pleasure working with @JaredLeto He was a total gentlemen. Rumors are more exciting than truth.
— David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) August 24, 2017
“It was a total pleasure working with @JaredLeto,” Ayer wrote. “He was a total gentleman. Rumors are more exciting than truth.”
While Ayer likes to speak fondly of Leto, it’s unclear whether or not the two will be working together again in the DCEU anytime soon. Leto is slated to appear in the Joker/Harley film, as well as in Suicide Squad 2, however, Ayer is not attached to either project. The writer/director is currently working on Gotham City Sirens, a film that focuses on a Harley Quinn-led team of female villains. It’s unclear whether or not Leto could have a role in the film.