WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Game of Thrones! Read at your own risk!
This weeks episode of Game of Thrones was a biggie, as we saw the GoT version of The Avengers go north of The Wall on a mission to retrieve a white walker — and safe to say, the internet had a lot of feelings about it.
In addition to that, the Stark sisters have an intense face-to-face that got very heated, as Arya is very worried about Littlefinger’s hold on Sansa.
Game of Thrones fans took to Twitter to share their feelings about the episode and we have those reactions for you below.
First up, this episode leaked early, so some people had shamelessly already watched it.
Me watching Game of Thrones knowing fully well I done watch the episode pic.twitter.com/j9K2QA5FWF
— Cat of the Canals (@TheDreadEmpress) August 21, 2017
me watching this week’s game of thrones, already having seen the leaked episode pic.twitter.com/bgHxDXn0Vq
— patricia (@youthnovel) August 21, 2017
Beyond that, people had feelings about what’s going on with Sansa and Arya.
Arya is like: Sansa may be a capable politician, but what about her r-mails? @GameOfThrones
— James Hibberd (@JamesHibberd) August 21, 2017
Sansa: I don’t really trust Little Finger like at all.
Also Sansa: *Tells LF everything like the dumbass she is* #GameOfThrones #DemThrones pic.twitter.com/M7pfSKK2OS
— Karolina Molina🦄 (@KarolinaVega) August 21, 2017
Then there was the group that went beyond The Wall, and people had words about that too.
Gendry must be the greatest ice marathon runner in Westeros! #beyondthewall @GameOfThrones
— Timothé (@HTimothe) August 21, 2017
Y’all!!!!!! Game of Thrones has me damn near biting my fingers off. Wtf #ThronesYall pic.twitter.com/04eIcu808Q
— randibomb.com Ⓥ (@randibomb) August 21, 2017
Game of Thrones turned into the walking dead real quick #GameOfThones pic.twitter.com/x7aCfLhktG
🇯🇲HeirxHead🇧🇸 (@captain_nappy) August 21, 2017
While the episode made EVERYONE nervous, there were a few moments that made fans rejoice.
THANK GOD FOR DRAGONS #GameofThrones @GameOfThrones
— Angel (@amwiley26) August 21, 2017
She brought All 3 dragons!!! @GameOfThrones
— Bruddatu D’Knight (@IvoryDuPain) August 21, 2017
By the end though, it was pretty clear that the show had just served up an episode that had people very nervous about the future.
She brought All 3 dragons!!! @GameOfThrones
— Bruddatu D’Knight (@IvoryDuPain) August 21, 2017
That was horrible I hate game of thrones so much why do I do this to myself
— Maddy (@MGraceBucci) August 21, 2017
— Amanda Burchfield (@burchy5) August 21, 2017