As you probably imagined, this Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones will mostly take place north of Westeros, hence the title “Beyond the Wall.” Still many suspected that fans would still get a glimpse of some of the more important characters during the 71-minute affair.
However, after just learning that Cersei and Jaime are having another baby, it looks like fans won’t get to see the twins in the coming episode.
During an interview on Build Series NYC this week, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau revealed that Jaime won’t be in the upcoming installment, and that the baby news was precisely why.
After being asked about his reaction to the pregnancy, the actor joked that he had a nursery to decorate.
“Jaime’s gonna be a dad,” he said. “Which is why he’s not in episode 6 on Sunday, because he’s so excited he’s decorating the nursery. And he’s chosen green cause he’s like I don’t wanna be — I don’t wanna jump to conclusions. So it’s all green, he’s got his baby bjorn ready, he is excited.”
While this is clearly in jest, it does seem to confirm that Jaime won’t appear in “Beyond the Wall.” Sadly, we’ll have to wait another week to see how the Wonder Twins handle their news.