HBO has another leak on its hands, but the network has to look inward when placing the blame this time.
On Wednesday night, HBO subscribers in Spain were treated to an early adventure in Westeros after the next episode of Game of Thrones was made available on-demand.
“Death is the Enemy,” which is set to air this Sunday, was released in Spain for just an hour — which was long enough for some viewers to rip the full episode in HD. As you would probably guess, the leaked versions were soon taken down.
This might be the first leak that HBO can blame itself for, but it’s the newest addition in a long line of problems over the past month or two.
A group of hackers has been threatening the network as of late, claiming to have stolen a massive amount of data. To try and earn some ransom pay, the group leaked episodes of some other HBO original shows, as well as some potentially confident company information.
“The Spoils of War,” the fourth Game of Thrones episode this season, was also leaked online a few days early. Despite the leak, the episode still managed to set the HBO viewership record upon its release. That record was broken one week later when “Eastwatch” premiered.
While the hackers have yet to be caught, four people in India were arrested for their involvement in leaking “The Spoils of War.”
If you didn’t manage to see “Beyond the Wall” while it had was online, don’t get too worried. The episode is set to premiere this Sunday night at 9 p.m.