The recent theory that the ghost of Catelyn Stark might have been spotted in a background scene of Game of Thrones has the interest going crazy, but could that theory be debunked?
Perhaps there’s a logical explanation for the character that viewers thought was the Stark matriarch.
Examining the evidence, it’s possible that character walking behind Arya and Brienne as they sparred in “The Spoils of War,” was actually Littlefinger’s spy who was seen in the most recent episode, “Eastwatch.”
The initial theory was fueled by the appearance of a woman who looked a lot like Catelyn, complete with purportedly red hair and a green dress, walking past the archway behind Arya and Brienne as they prepare to engage in some friendly dueling.
It happens so fast that you could potentially miss it. However, less than a minute later she passes behind them on the opposite side, appearing a tad clearer than before.
Fast-forwarding to the most recent episode, “Eastwatch,” one of the main plot drivers was Araya’s mistrust of Littlefinger and subsequent spying on him.
As she watches him speaking with a young peasant girl, the signs start to appear. She’s a slender redheaded woman who wears a greenish colored dress, which is more noticeable as she walks away.
So, is there any “concrete” evidence that this is really what’s going on? The answer to that is, no. There is nothing that officially confirms this to be true.
According to IMDB, the actress seen above is named Adele Smyth-Kennedy, and she is listed in “Eastwatch” as ‘Littlefinger’ Winterfell Spy.
She is not, however, listed as being in the previous episode, which is the one where the theorized Lady Stoneheart (the ghost of Catelyn Stark) appearance takes place. Based on that, it’s possible they are not the same person.
However, considering that this woman has been spying on the Stark girls and that she closely resembles the late Catelyn Stark, it’s also entirely possible that she is the woman in the background during the duel, and that Littlefinger has had her spying on Arya and Sansa longer than fans could have realized.
This theory is not all that outlandish, but there are manyGame of Thrones fan-theories that do cross over into being pretty wild.