WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 7. Continue reading at your own risk…
Game of Thrones fans were given a big surprise this past week when Queen Cersei revealed to brother/lover Jaime that she was pregnant with another one of his children.
As if the thought of Cersei giving birth to another Joffrey isn’t bad enough, this pregnancy could also seriously affect the future of another queen in Westeros — this baby could mean big trouble for Daenerys Targaryen.
While Cersei is a pathological liar, let’s just assume that she wasn’t lying to Jaime about her pregnancy. For the purpose of this theory, the queen is undoubtedly with child.
Daenerys is already at a crossroads in terms of what kind of leader she wants to become. She wants to rule with power, but she’d rather be respected than feared. Basically, she wants to be nothing like Cersei. However, lately she’s been having a hard time showing that.
If Dany takes King’s Landing, winning the Iron Throne, she will have a choice to make. She certainly has to kill Cersei, but could she do that to a pregnant women? You can’t leave Cersei alive because she has eyes and ears all over King’s Landing. Her chances of escape or getting revenge are too high.
And what if the baby has already been born when Dany defeats Cersei? What’s the new queen to do then?
Robert tried to kill Dany when she was a baby, just to make sure he rid the world of all Targaryens. This is what led to her exile. This is also what led to Jon Snow’s life as a bastard.
If she leaves the child alive then she runs the risk of being overthrown down the road. Even if the baby is raised in a loving home they’re bound to find out about their lineage at some point. Jon is going to find out about his real parents sooner or later, there’s no reason to believe that this child won’t do the same.
The Daenerys that freed the slaves could never kill a child, but that Daenerys isn’t always around.
No matter what happens with this baby, trouble is on the way for Daenerys.