WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Continue reading at your own risk…
The latest episode of Game of Thrones went a long way toward proving that Jon Snow is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne — this much we know. However, if you were paying attention, the show might have actually helped support another popular fan theory.
There are a large group of Game of Thrones fans who think that Jon Snow isn’t the only secret Targaryen. The idea here is that Tyrion’s true father was Mad King Aerys, making him related to Jon and Daenerys. This would make Tyrion the third dragon-rider, alongside his siblings.
This week, when Jon touched the face of Drogon, Daenerys realized that there was something different about the King in the North. It was the first time that she had ever seen someone touch one of her dragons and live to tell the tale. This moment also served as yet another nod to audiences that Jon has Targaryen blood in his veins.
While Dany hasn’t seen anyone do that before, we certainly have. Tyrion got up-close and personal with the other two dragons back in Season 6. Just as Jon does, Tyrion walks right up to the beasts and forms a bond. While doing so, he is talking about his obsession with dragon’s as a child.
This is a small connection, but it certainly adds to the theory. What would Dany have done if she would have seen Tyrion handle the dragons last season? Would she have been equally impressed?
Unfortunately, for now, this evidence isn’t enough to prove the theory about Tyrion’s lineage, but it does give it some more solid grounding. With only two episodes remaining in the penultimate season, there’s a chance we could get some real answers very soon.