The episode begins after the Loot Train Attack, where Jaime was defeated by Daenerys, Drogon, and the Dothraki.
Jaime is alive, and it was Bronn who saved him from the water. Bronn asks Jaime why he would charge after Dany like that. Jaime said that he had to try and kill her, despite the fact that the dragon was also in his way. Bronn says Jaime doesn’t get to die until he gets what he is owed. Jaime says that he needs to tell Cersei what happened, as he looks across the lake at the burning battlefield.
Tyrion walks over the ash that was left at the battle, looking around for his brother. Dothraki are looting the Lannister leftovers.
The remaining Lannister men are corralled to Daenerys and Drogon. She addresses them, saying that Cersei has lied to them. She gives them a choice. They can bend the knee to her or they can die. Drogon growls and many of the men drop to their knees, except for the Tarlys.
Randyll Tarly steps forward and says he already has a queen. Tyrion tries to reason with him, saying that he should reconsider. Randyll tells off both Tyrion and Daenerys. Dothraki men then approach Randyll to take him away, and Dickon says he won’t go alone. He says that he stands with his father, despite what everyone is telling him.
Dany sentences them to die and Drogon burns them alive.
At King’s Landing
Jaime marches through the halls to Cersei and she knows of the defeat already. She says they can buy mercenaries with the money they have. Jaime says that the Dothraki will kill any army that they can muster. He also tells her about the dragons and says that the war is one that they can’t win.
Cersie hopes they can sway Tyrion to helping them. Jaime tells Cersei that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey. He reveals to her that Olenna was the one who killed Joffrey. Cersei says she’d rather die fighting than die submitting.
Drogon returns to Dragonstone with Dany on his back. Jon Snow watched them from the cliff. The dragon lands and approached him, teeth snarling. Jon stands his ground. Drogon now approaches slowly.
Jon takes off his glove and reaches out. He puts a hand on Drogon’s nose and the dragon softens to him. The two have formed some sort of bond. Daenerys watches them, amazed.
Drogon flies off and leaves Dany and Jon to talk. They discuss the dragons and the battle that just took place.
“I have fewer enemies today than I did yesterday.”
Dany asks Jon about the “knife he took for his people.” Before he can really answer, the Dothraki come and interrupt. They have Jorah Mormont with them. She introduces Jorah and Jon, the latter says that he served with Jorah’s father and that he was a good man.
Dany says it would be her honor to have Jorah serve alongside her again.
Ravens Are Cawing on a Tree…
It’s clear that these ravens are being controlled by Bran. They all fly away and out into the snow. The ravens fly over the mountains and over the edge of the wall. They eventually come up on the army of the dead. The army is vast. The Night King spots the birds and they scatter, Bran is snapped from his transformation.
Back at Winterfell, Bran tells the Maester that they need to send out ravens.
At Old Town, Samwell Tarly is still doing grunt work for the maesters. He overhears them talking about a message, saying that a “crippled boy claims to have seen dead men on the march beyond the wall. With the magical help of a raven with three eyes.”
Sam interrupts the men, talking about Bran Stark. He says that he knows the boy, and that he let him through the wall years ago. He said that Bran survived for years, and that they should listen to what he has to say. Sam says that if the maesters convince the people that the Long Night is real then people will finally believe it.
The maesters disagree on the subject, with some thinking that Dany could be behind the message. Archmaester says that he will write to the maester in Winterfell but that’s all they’ll do.
At Dragonstone
Varys and Tyrion sit together and talk. Tyrion tries to justify what Dany did to the Tarlys while Varys says that he was wrong to stand by and do nothing. He went through the same thing with her father. Varys says that she needs to get good counsel so that she doesn’t become her father.
Jon Snow receives a scroll telling him that Arya and Bran are alive. But it also says that the Night King is marching toward Eastwatch. He needs to go home. Dany says that she can’t join him because she’ll lost to Cersei.
Tyrion says that they should convince Cersei of the army of the dead so that they can all fight the Night King together. They have to bring an undead soldier to Cersei.
Tyrion says that Cersei will only listen to Jaime, but that Jaime might listen to him. Davos says that he can smuggle Tyrion in. Jorah says that he will go north to find one of the dead men. Jon says that the wildlings will help them navigate beyond the wall and that he will lead the expedition. Dany says she didn’t give him her permission to leave yet.
“With all due respect your grace, I don’t need your permission. I am a king.”
After Jon gives a speech about trust, Dany agrees to let him go.
In Winterfell
Sansa sits in front of a group of Northern leaders, all pleading for her to take over the north. With Arya watching on, Sansa turns them down, saying that Jon is the king. Sansa and Arya talk afterward. Arya calls out Sansa for not defending Jon. Sansa says that she’s doing what is right for everyone, not just for her and Jon.
Arya says that Sansa is thinking about Jon not returning, and that she could take over Winterfell. Sansa dismisses her.
Tyrion and Davos arrive at King’s Landing. Davos says that he has business in Flea Bottom, and they need to hurry because he’s leaving the boat unattended.
Bronn is taking Jaime through the tunnels, saying that they have training to do. Bronn reveals Tyrion and leaves the two of them alone.
Tyrion tells Jaime that he surprised him with the Casterly Rock move. Jaime is still upset with Tyrion over killing their father, and Tyrion pleads his case. He then tells him that Dany will win the war and he knows it. He says that Dany is willing to suspend the war if they agree on certain terms.
In Flea Bottom
Davos walks around the town. He approaches the blacksmiths and finds Gendry working.
“I thought you might still be rowing.”
Davos says he’s been looking for Gendry for a while. He says that bad things are coming and Gendry agrees to come and fight. He’s been preparing for battle for quite some time. He reveals a war hammer that he built for himself.
Gendry and Davos get back to the boat and they are approached by two guards. Davos tries to lie and get out of it. A bribe is working until the men ask what’s in the boat. When the men turn around they see Tyrion walking. Gendry takes them both out with his hammer.
The men go out to sea.
Jaime Approaches Cersei
Jaime tells Cersei about Tyrion’s meeting. He says that Dany wants to meet with Cersei about a truce and that the Army of the Dead is marching on Westeros. Tyrion is going to get proof.
Cersei says that Bronn betrayed Jaime by setting up the meeting with Tyrion. Cersei knew of the meeting. She says that they will have to be smart to defeat Dany. They should use the meeting to their advantage.
Cersei tells Jaime that she’s pregnant and that she will admit to people that he is the father. After kissing him she asks that he never betray her again.
At Dragonstone, Davos tells Gendry not to tell Jon Snow who he really is. Gendry immediately ignores him, telling Jon that he is Robert Baratheon’s bastard.
At Old Town
Sam and Gilly talk about the books that they’re looking at. She’s reading a book and asks about an Annulment. Maynard’s book says that a prince named “Ragger” (Gilly can’t read well) had an annulment and was married to someone at the same time, in a secret ceremony in Dorne.
Sam ignores her and complains about the maesters because they won’t listen to him about the Night King. Sam gives the book to Gilly’s son and leaves. He breaks into the library to steal a bunch of books and scrolls.
Sam takes his family and leaves town.
Back in Winterfell, Arya begins spying on Littlefinger. Someone brings Littlefinger a copy of a letter. Arya breaks into his room and looks for the note. She finds it and discovers that it was Sansa’s letter about her father from Season 2. As Arya exits his room, Littlefinger is seen watching her.
Jon Snow arrives at Eastwatch with Davos, Jorah, and Gendry. They meet with Tormund to talk about their mission.
The Brotherhood without Banners, including The Hound, are being held captive at Eastwatch. They join the search party as they go north of the wall to find a Wigt. Davos stays back.
The End.