WARNING: Major Game of Thrones spoilers ahead! Continue reading at your own risk…
After last week’s Loot Train Attack left fans questioning the future of Jaime Lannister, we can all rest easy.
Just as many imagined, Jaime is alive and well.
At the end of ‘The Spoils of War’ Jaime was seen charging at Drogon and Daenerys with a spear in his hand. He was going to try and end the war with one blow. Drogon, protecting his mother, blew fire right at Jaime and his horse. When death seemed inevitable, an unrecognizable hero tackled Jaime to safety. The two bodies went flying into the nearby water, and the last scene of the episode saw Jaime slowly falling to the depths, his armor weighing him down.
As this week’s episode, titled ‘Eastwatch’ began, Jaime is seen on the shore, safe and sound. We also get to see who jumped in to save him.
To no one’s surprise, it was Bronn who kept the head of the Lannister army from becoming Drogon’s next victim.
While Jaime certainly isn’t one of the good guys, fans have grown rather fond of him over the last few years. It seems as though Jaime gets another redeeming quality in each episode, making the prospect of his death even more heartbreaking.
However, if Olenna Tyrell was right, Jaime will be gone soon enough.