Of all the reunions fans have been longing for on Game of Thrones, tonight’s episode “Eastwatch,” brought one of the most anticipated, and one that has been teased from the beginning of the season.
Just after Jon and Daenerys spoke, following a surprising turn where her dragon Drogon allowed him to pet it, Jorah Mormont appeared with a group of Dothraki soldiers.
Jorah and Daenerys have a sorted past, but were very happy to see one another, as she referred to him as her “friend.”
Initially, “Jorah was working as a spy for Varys, King Robert’s spymaster in King’s Landing, sending Varys information about the Targaryen exiles.” He began to admire and respect Daenerys, though, and switched sides, committing to serve her.
At one point, he saved her from an assassination attempt, and then stopped sending reports back to Varys. He also ignored a royal pardon that would have lifted his exile from Westeros and began to develop strong feelings for Daenerys.
Once she learned about his past, she saw it as a betrayal and dismissed him from her “court.” He eventually came across the path of Tyrion and contracted the deadly disease “greyscale.”
Next, Jorah helped save Daenerys from being murdered by the Sons of the Harpy as well as the Dothraki.
At this point, she told him that she would welcome him back into her court once he was cured of the disease, which he wasn’t sure would ever happen.
This brings us to this season where we found out that Jorah had been in the Citadel where Samwell Tarly also was. Samwell found a way, albeit very painful, to cure Jorah of “greyscale.”
Now, in episode five, we’ve finally seen Jorah make his return to Daenerys, fully cured and ready to fight for her.