Fans have long discussed and theorized the identity of Jon Snow’s parents since the start of Game of Thrones. But with the HBO leak earlier this month, audiences might now be learning who will star as Snow’s father, Rhaegar Targaryen — the son of Mad King Aerys, and Daenerys and Viserys’ older brother.
The Huffington Post reports when scanning through HBO’s leaked files that also contained personal information that will not be shared by either the primary publication or Pop Culture, U.K.-based actor, Wilf Scolding’s name pops up in the notes.
As first pointed out by Uproxx just two months ago, fans on Reddit predicted Scolding would take on the role after his social media history showed some rather interesting connections to the stars of Game of Thrones.
Last September, the actress who played Lyanna, Aisling Franciosi began following Scolding on Twitter. He not only followed her back, but began following the show’s official series account, along with actor, Liam Cunningham who plays Ser Davos.
With the HBO leak though, a Reddit user confirmed that connection, stating Scolding’s name was in fact in the files and on the list under “Rhaegar.”
While it’s unclear or confirmed that his character will make an on-screen appearance either this season or next, it could be potential game changer as many theorized and with history based on the books that Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually married, leaving Jon with a fortified claim to the Iron Throne and no longer be called a “bastard.”
Scolding has not mentioned or commented on that rumors and HBO hack including his name in files, but that might mean audiences will have to wait for a flashback sequence to officially confirm his casting.
If he is in talks for the role, we can all hope he brings as much regard to the role as his dramatic, Shakespeare-inspired reading of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.
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— Wilf Scolding (@WilfScolding) September 23, 2015
With just a few acting credits under his belt, Scolding is best known for U.K series, The Passing Bells and a guest spot on the Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel series, Skins as Bruno.
Photo credit: Twitter / @huffpostent