The supernatural tone; the tattoos; the tortured stare; the regalia of war… It looks better than we could have imagined, and now we’re convinced that Momoa was meant for this role.
When we see Jason Momoa, we see Aquaman. This director / actor has made a huge splash in the comic book and pop-culture world with his portrayal of a typically underrated DC hero, and Batman looks like he’ll have a hard time wresting the limelight from his nautical co-star in the upcoming Justice League film.
In addition to his role as Aquaman, Momoa will be starring as Rico Rodriguez in a Just Cause film. Just Cause is a gaming franchise renowned for its focus on action and self-aware lack of meaningful plot, so if we can nail a Just Cause movie, surely God of War is in the cards, right?
As much as we’d love to say otherwise, this isn’t confirmation of squat. For now, the idea of Jason Momoa as Kratos is nothing more than a fantasy borne from his enthusiastic answer to a fan’s question. That answer sparked a wildfire of hype and speculation, though, and that fire is spreading. Maybe if we plead and swoon long enough and loudly enough, Sony just might do something about it.