WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 7. Continue reading at your own risk…
Game of Thrones, based on a series of books penned by George R.R. Martin, is a show that weaves storylines and intertwines character arcs in a way that only the author himself was able to orchestrate. Because of the interconnectivity of the plot and the popularity of the HBO series, a number of fan theories have surfaced. Needless to say, some of them are absolutely bizarre…
While some fan theories in the past have been spot on, such as the “R + L = J theory,” there are others that are utterly far-fetched. Some of the speculation is based on the TV show with other predictions being sparked by the book. Either way, there some crazy conjectures online that are totally worth mulling over.
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Is Hodor a horse?
This outlandish theory depends on how you interpret the relationship between Lyanna Stark and Wylis. As fans will recall, Wylis is the stable boy that Bran fates into becoming “Hodor.”
In the flashback scenes that the Three-Eyed-Raven shows Bran, Wylis is fully capable of speaking. However, in the present time of the story, Wylis is mentally damaged and only able to utter the word, “Hodor.”
As a stable boy, some fans suggest that Wylis had warging abilities himself. The theory suggests that Wylis would inhabit Lyanna’s white horse and would enjoy her companionship while galloping around the North.
Some fans are of the belief that Wylis was warged into a horse that unexpectedly died, leaving only Hodor behind, a part man, part animal being. This theory tries to offer an explanation as to why Bran is able to warg into Hodor.
According to the show, this theory has been disproven. In fact, the way that Wylis turned into Hodor was much more heartbreaking.
Could Syrio Forel be Jaqen H’ghar?
In Season 1, Arya Stark began taking sword fighting lessons from an instructor named Syrio Forel. He was presumed dead after being confronted by opposing forces in King’s Landing, but his death was never shown on screen.
Some fans believe this suggests that he could be alive in another form, or perhaps one of the Faceless Men like Jaqen H’ghar. Forel was Braavosi. As fans will recall, the Faceless Men are also Braavosi.
Those holding out hope that Forel could be H’ghar point to the detail that in Arya’s training to become “No One,” she can transform into anyone by wearing any face. The theory that Forel was one of the Faceless Men was essentially squashed after Arya got revenge for his death by killing Meryn Trant, who had been beating young prostitute women at the time.
If Forel was H’ghar, he would have likely stopped Arya from killing Trant out of revenge. Or possibly, when Arya departed the House of Black and White, he would have taken off the Hgar mask and revealed himself as Forel.
Is Daenerys a Time Traveler?
This theory dates back to the second season when the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, and her loyal follower, Jorah Mormont, were in the city of Qarth.
Mormont comes across a mysterious masked woman named Quaithe who drops a series of prophecies on Mormont. Quaithe never removes the mask, and some fans believe that it could have been a future Dany traveling back in time to give herself and Jorah advice as a masked stranger.
In order for this theory to be true though, Dany would have to acquire a skill set that she has not shown an affinity for up to this point. If she were to come in contact with Bran, who has transformed into the Three-Eyed Raven, she might be able to go back and correct some of her mistakes.
As for this theory, it is entirely possible. However, it may be improbable.
Wait…Is Roose Bolton a Vampire?
Even though his bastard son Ramsay (Snow) Bolton planted a dagger in his father Roose Bolton’s heart, some Game of Thrones theorists believe that the head of House Bolton was actually more than a mere mortal human. Some claim that Roose was basically inhuman and point to specific passages in the book that support the hypothesis.
As for this particular theory, there is more textual evidence to support it than any of the others on the list. From the way that Martin describes Roose, he sounds more like a vampire than a human.
“His eyes were curiously pale, almost without color, and his look disturbing,” a passage from Game of Thrones reads.
In A Clash of Kings, Martin writes of Bolton: “He had a plain face, beardless and ordinary, notable only for his queer pale eyes. Neither plump, thin, nor muscular, … Only his eyes moved; they were very pale, the color of ice.”
Roose barely eats and smells weird. There are also lines in the book that describe him mopping up blood from his rare meat with bread, according to Thrillist.
This theory is unlikely though. However, the most unfortunate aspect of this theory is that it is both unprovable and undisprovable at the same time.
Did Robert Baratheon Actually Die?
King Robert Baratheon was killed after being gored by a boar while hunting. At least that’s what viewers have been led to believe. Despite appearances, some fans think that he could actually be alive.
This theory holds more credence for those who read the book. In the novels, Martin writes from multiple different character viewpoints. He discusses the situation surrounding Robert’s death, but no one actually sees his body or attends his funeral firsthand.
In season 3 of the show, viewers learn that Robert was not buried in the Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing. He was actually sent to Storm’s End. This another occasion in which Robert’s death is mentioned in a secondhand account.
Considering that there was no body and no firsthand account of Robert’s death, it means that Robert technically could still be alive. Book readers think that he could be actively contributing to the storyline as Strong Belwas, a character that never introduced into the show.
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