It’s hard to believe, but there are just three weeks left to go on the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. And from the looks of all the drama and battle scenes, those last three hours are going to be a scorcher.
In last week’s episode, “The Spoils of War,” the jaws of fans were stuck to the ground after watching Daenerys annihilate the Lannister forces in her quest for the Iron Throne. It what was one of the biggest and possibly best battle scenes to date, the “Mother of Dragons” torched Ser Jaime Lannister’s army with Drogon, while sending a horde of Dothraki after the rest.
While it made for mesmerizing television, the actions Daenerys took might have some consequences. In fact, whether it’s a blood-thirsty queen asking those to “bend the knee” or a new leader who will stop at nothing to win, it’s hard to see if allies can keep their promises of support, especially when the heart factors into decisions.
From all the events leading up from the first episode to last week’s, we explore which characters could have a last minute change of heart due to the circumstances they are finding themselves in.
Tyrion Lannister
Despite how Cersei feels about him, Tyrion and his big brother, Jaime have an incredible relationship — so incredible, Tyrion goes along with Daenerys on her blood-thirsty battle as he knew his brother would be on the frontlines fighting in last week’s episode, “The Spoils of War” and wanted to keep an eye out.
Watching Jaime from afar, Tyrian mutters under his breath, “Flee you idiot” when he sees Jaime charging at Daenerys. While Jaime’s future is left unclear at the end of the episode, Tyrion definitely still cares for his brother and might see it in his power to let him go if captured by Daenerys, ultimately betraying her. After all, Jaime saved Tyrion from a prison and death sentence ordered by Cersei, could he repay the debt?
Jaime Lannister
With all of us holding our breath and wondering if Jaime is alive after that insane Loot Train Battle, there’s a lot to wonder about for the future if he is alive. Would he betray his sister Cersei as she sits on the Iron Throne in Westeros or turn his back to his brother, Tyrion who has pledged his allegiance to the throne’s rightful owner? Hypothetically, Daenerys captures Jaime and bids to trade him to Cersei in exchange for something she could profit from most. Would Cersei deny the request and give him up? If she does, it could be ammo for Jaime to turn his back on Cersei and side with his younger brother.
As Game of Thrones fans are well aware, the storyline is full of prophecies and parallels that echo throughout the series, including one that states
Cersei will be killed by one of her younger siblings and while she always believed would be the one to commit the crime, it’s possible that her younger twin, Jaime, could kill her.
Additionally, Jaime now knows that his brother did not kill his son, King Joffrey, which means if given the chance to spare their brother’s life with this new information, he might think twice if Cersei denies such information as she is hell bent on seeking revenge and meeting with success. After all, she didn’t exactly care when Tommen took his life. Instead she retorted with, “He betrayed me!” If she gets wind of Tyrion siding with Daenerys, she might have the same reaction.
While it might seem like a long shot, Missandei as Daenerys’ right-hand woman is also in love with Grey Worm, currently stuck at Casterly Rock. If Daenerys does not attempt to save him and his army, this could cause Missandei to lose trust in her Queen and want to leave, thus betraying her.
If you have noticed by now, Game of Thrones is high on foreshadowing and the last episode definitely hinted at something when Jon Snow and Ser Davos discovered she was in fact a slave freed by Daenerys. Though she chose to stay with her Queen, Davos asks if she would be so kind to let Missandei leave, to which the former slave girl responds that Daenerys would give her a ship and wish her good fortune. But could that really be the case when it comes to seeking her own freedom?
Euron Greyjoy
In all honesty, a person who throws his own brother off a bridge and wants his niece and nephew killed is definitely not someone you want to be allies with. Euron is a complete wildcard. With a mind not easily read, the King of the Iron Islands is not be trustworthy enough to marry his ally Cersei for good reason.
Sure, the two share an unpredictable, menacing personality and affinity for murder, but that attitude is also indicative of how he could really be if she rebuffs his advances any further. Moreover, what if the handsome reward she’s promised is nothing he wants? He’s a loose cannon for sure.
Sansa Stark
One of House Stark’s strongest traits is loyalty and family is everything to this bunch. But it’s also a lesson Sansa learned the hard way and strengthened after witnessing what none of the other Stark children did, like the beheading of her father. While she was away from her siblings and tortured for much of her teenage years, when she was finally reunited with Jon last season, it was sigh of pure relief — but Littlefinger tried his best to get inside her head in order to sway such loyalty.
She might be taking care of the North while Jon is gaining an ally with Daenerys, but if she discovers that she is the rightful heir of the North and not Jon, a bastard, who as per the books by George R.R. Martin is also the son of a Targaryen, could the dynamic change?
Littlefinger has been implying for quite some time that Sansa should be the rightful heir in the North and not “Ned Stark’s bastard” son. Could his comments finally have an effect on her if she discovers the truth? Moreover, if Daenerys decides to marry Jon herself with the King in the North to defeat the Lannisters once and for all, this could overthrow Sansa’s reign.