Fire and blood. That’s the motto of House Targaryen, and also what tonight’s episode had a lot of. While the Starks had a mini-reunion at Winterfell, Daenerys Targaryen flew into battle on one of her dragons and scored her first major victory in the battle against the Lannisters.
Here’s a look at what the Internet had to say about tonight’s episode:
Below are a few reactions to the Starks reuniting at home.
#DemThrones #GameOfTrones #ThronesYall
Jon: came back from the dead
Bran: i have visions lol
Arya: and i have a kill list 💕
— queen of thorns 🌹 (@girlexmachina) August 7, 2017
Jon: I died and came back to life.
Bran: Caw caw I’m a bird.
Arya: I’m a magical assassin.
— Nerd Girl Says (@Rachael_Conrad) August 7, 2017
And here’s what people had to say about the tension between Jon Snow and Daenerys:
Daenerys looking at Jon Snow like… #GameOfThrones #ThronesYall
— HollywoodLife (@HollywoodLife) August 7, 2017
it’s borderline unhealthy how excited i get when jon snow and daenerys are on screen at the same time #GOT
— Cathy Kelley (@catherinekelley) August 7, 2017
All in all, people loved the fight scene between Brienne and Arya:
#GOT7 #got #GamesOfThrones #gameofthrones7 #gameofthroness7
Brienne: Who taught you how to do that?
— Shelby palmer (@f0rfictionssake) August 7, 2017
Arya and Brienne just had the same thought #thronesyall
— Checo (@ChecoRepublic) August 7, 2017
But the real action was when Daenerys torched most of the Lannister army:
Daenerys riding on a dragon lighting Lannisters on fire is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on television. #GameOfThrones
— Warren Dolan (@warrendolan) August 7, 2017
*me watching Daenerys riding Drogon telling him to roast the Lannister army alive* #GameOfThrones
— janetflix (@idkjanet) August 7, 2017
Jon: Maybe you shouldn’t do that.
Daenerys: Hold my beer.#GameOfThrones
— Evanit0 (@Evanit0) August 7, 2017
And as for Jaime’s misguided attempt at killing Daenerys?
Jaime really thought he could kill Daenerys with her son right there? #GameofThrones
— Arre (@arrestormborn) August 7, 2017
Jaime: I’m going to charge right at Daenerys while shes standing under her Dragon
Daenerys and Drogon:#GameOfThrones
— Matt Dramer (@KendrickDramar) August 7, 2017