A band of Lannister soldiers marches down the road. Jaime gets a bag of gold from the back of a wagon and hands it to Bronn. He asks if Lady Tyrell messed with his head.
Bronn says he still wants a castle, as he was promised. After suggesting High Garden, Jamie says that he won’t want it. Jaime then says that all of their money belongs to the Iron Bank because his family always pays their debt. He tells Bronn that all of the castles in the Seven Kingdoms will be available to him to choose from.
Jaime then sends Bronn with the Tully men to help get people to turn over their land.
Cersei meets with the man from the Iron Bank. He tells her that the entire debt is on its way back.
Cersei says that she needs a group to recover something that belongs to her.
In Winterfell:-
Littlefinger pulls a knife out of its sheath and hands it to Bran.
“This is for you.”
He said the last man who wielded it wanted to cut his throat, but that his mother stopped him. Baelish tells the boy that he wasn’t there to protect Catelyn but that he is there for Bran now. He says that the dagger makes him the man he is today.
Baelish exits, and Meera enters. She tells Bran that she has to go so that she can be with her family when “they” arrive. He thanks her for helping him, but she doesn’t understand why that’s all he has to say.
He says he’s not Brandon Stark anymore.
On a Snow-Covered Hill:-
Arya sits on her horse and looks out over Winterfell. She tells the guards that she’s Arya, but they don’t believe her. They start turning her away but she says to fetch Sansa. The woman threatens the men, telling her to take her to Arya.
As the men are talking, Arya sits on a bench and looks around at her old home. As they turn around Arya is gone. They tell Sansa, who replies that she already knows where her sister is.
Down in the tomb, the two reunite for the first time. They hug each other. Sansa wants Jon to get back soon so he can see Arya, too. The sisters comment on their father’s statue in the cellar. Arya asks if Sansa killed Joffrey, and she replies that she wishes she did.
Arya talks about her “list” and says that Joffrey was always at the top of it. The two agree that their stories are far from over. Sansa says that Bran is home as well.
At the Tree:-
Sansa takes Arya to go see Bran for the first time. She hugs him, and he tells her that he saw her at the crossroads. He thought she would go to King’s Landing. Bran makes it clear that he knows about Arya’s list and that Cersei is on it. Sansa asks who else is on the list.
“Most of them are dead already.”
Bran pulls out the dagger that he was given and Arya seemed to recognize it. He says that Littlefinger gave it to him.
They ask him why did the cutthroat that tried to kill him have a Valyrian steel dagger.
“Someone very wealthy wanted me dead.”
Bran says he doesn’t want the dagger and he gives it to Arya.
The three Stark siblings walk into the middle of Winterfell, and Brienne watches them. Podrick tells her that Catelyn would be proud of her.
Back at Dragonstone:=
Dany has had no word from the Unsullied yet. Missande tells her that “many things” happened between her and Grey Worm.
Jon Snow asks to speak with Dany and they head down to the beach. He leads her into a cave to show her the dragon glass.
He lights up an enormous deposit of the glass, then says he has something else to show Dany.
There are markings all over the wall of one of the caves. He says they were made by the children of the forest, a very long time ago.
“Before there were Targaryens, or Starks, or Lannisters,” she says.
Jon says that the chosen and the first men were there together. They continue to look at the drawings. He says that the men and the chosen fought together against a common enemy and he reveals a picture of the white walkers.
“We need to do the same if we want to survive. The enemy is real, it’s always been real.”
Jon admits that he can’t defeat them without her armies or her dragons.
“I will fight for you. I will fight for you, when you bend the knee.”
Jon says that his people won’t accept a southern ruler, but she says that they will if he does.
As the trio exits the cave, they are met by Tyrion and and Varys. He tells them about what happened at Casterly Rock.
Dany gets mad at Tyrion becuase so many things have been lost in the war against Cersei, and she tells Jon that he has to stay as they deal with this issue.
She doesn’t think that he wants to hurt his family. They are interrupted by her dragons. Dany says that enough is enough, and she should fly her dragons into the Red Keep. She asks Jon what to do.
He says that she should show off her dragons but not use them to kill everyone, because that would make her the same.
At Winterfell
Brienne is training with Podrick and Arya interrupts. She says that she wants Brienne to train her. Sansa and Littlefinger look on.
The two begin to spar and Arya is easily besting Brienne in combat. Sansa sees the incredible warrior that her sister has become.
Arya pulls her dagger and puts to Brienne’s throat, “winning” the fight. She asks who taught her how to do that.
“No one.”
Arya sees Littlefinger and glares.
At Dragonstone, Davos asks Jon what he thinks of Dany. He says she’s got a good heart. The two then talk with Missandei about her history with her leader.
“She’s the queen we chose.”
When Theon Greyjoy leads a boat onto the beach at Dragonstone, he is met by Jon. The two approach each other. Jon grabs Theon by the collar and tells him that the only reason he isn’t killing him is because of what he did for Sansa.
He tells everyone that Euron has Yara and that he needs Dany’s help getting her back. Jon says that the queen is gone.
Jaime and Bronn look out over a farm that is being taken over. A soldier tells Jaime that the battle at High Garden was difficult because he fought with the Tyrell’s for his entire life. Bronn hears a stampede in the distance and the army readies for battle.
A horde of Dothraki charge at Jaime’s army, screaming the entire way. Bronn says that Jaime needs to leave because the army will lose. Just then, a dragon appears out over the army, breathing fire on many of the soldiers. The Dothraki ride through the flames.
A battle ensues and the Dothraki continue to charge. Dany is riding on the dragon, burning more men to the ground.
Jaime is almost killed but Dickon – the soldier from earlier – saves him. Bronn readies the Scorpion to try and shoot down the dragon.
Tyrion looks on from above, catching to see what happens to his brother.
Bronn clips the dragon with a bold and it lowers itself to the ground, burning the area where Bronn was. Dany gets down and removes the bolt from its side.
Jaime charges after Dany with a spear, Tyrion calling him an idiot from afar. As Jaime gets close, the dragon turns its head and breathes fire at him. Bronn leaps and tackles Jaime into the water.
In his armor, Jaime continues to sink down.
The End.