For a show that’s not lacking in epic battles, Game of Thrones might have just delivered one of the best skirmishes in the series’ history — and it may have fatal consequences for a Lannister.
After hauling the gold and food stores from the affluent stronghold of Highgarden, Jaime Lannister and his forces were taken off guard by the Dothraki horde, being lead by none other than Daenerys Targaryen herself riding atop her biggest dragon, Drogon.
The forces laid waste to Lannister’s army, but not before Bronn was able to drive a gigantic arrow from the Scorpion launcher into Drogon’s shoulder. The dragon was forced to land and Daenerys attempted to dislodge the projectile from her child’s flesh, giving Jaime Lannister an opportunity to end the war then and there.
Jaime took up a spear and charged at Daenerys with the intent to kill her, but Drogon got in front of her at the last second and blasted him with fire. But before the fire could hit him, Bronn tackled him off of his horse and into the nearby lake.
While it might seem like Jaime was saved, his armor (and gold hand) prevented him from floating to the surface. The closing moments showed Jaime sinking to the bottom of the lake before fading to the credits.
Though it doesn’t confirm the character’s death, the preview for next week’s episode does not show him either.
Is this the end of Jaime Lannister? We doubt it, but then again it’s impossible to put anything past the Game of Thrones writers. Characters come and go at the snap of a finger, despite how important they may seem to be.
Be prepared for some heartbreak, Lannister fans.