Few artists look back on their work without seeing aspects that could be improved or changes that should have been made — director James Gunn is no different.
The captain of the Marvel cosmos recently revealed what he would have changed about the first Guardians Of The Galaxy while answering fan questions on his Facebook page, and surprisingly it has to do with the movie’s baddies.
“There is some messy villain plot stuff in the first movie I’d like to deal with again,” Gunn said. “There was a committee working for Marvel at the time (now defunct) who had a lot of input, and that was primarily where it ended up. It just got a little messy.”
Gunn is referring to the Marvel Creative Committee that was dissolved on the Marvel Studios side after Kevin Feige wrested control of the movie productions from Isaac Perlmutter. The committee included Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics publisher Dan Buckley, and writer Brian Michael Bendis.
After the Marvel Studios/Marvel Entertainment split, rumors began circulating about reasons behind the divide including the input from the committee. One rumor even posited that the committee’s notes are part of what drove Edgar Wright off of the Ant-Man movie right before production began.
Guardians of the Galaxy itself does have a bit of a villain problem with the cabal of Ronan the Accuser, Thanos, and Gamora. Thanos’ inclusion does give Gamora and Nebula clear reason to be there, but coupled with Ronan’s drive to destroy the Nova Corps and Xanadar those motivations get muddled. It all becomes a bit complicated as the movie heads into the climax.
Sounds like Gunn is another person who didn’t enjoy the creative committee’s influence on the film, though he wouldn’t outright say it.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits Digital HD this Tuesday.