fourth season of The Flash will see a metahuman rising to villainous power – one that, finally, isn’t a speedster.
The Thinker will plague Barry’s life in the upcoming batch of episodes. It’s a step in the direction of doing away with speedster villains. The show has become quite well known for pitting Barry against those similar to himself but the days of Zoom, Reverse Flash, the other Reverse Flash, and Savitar and the like are over. There will “likely” be no more speedster villains on The Flash according to the show’s Television Critics Association press event panel.
#TheFlash is likely done with speedster villains. S4 will find the lightness that was in the first two seasons. #TCA17
— Kevin Yeoman (@kevintheyeoman) August 2, 2017
The tweet above comes from Kevin Yeoman, a member of the Television Critics Association who was in attendance of The Flash’s TCA panel.
“I think just because of all the time travel that Barry Allen did, and all the repercussions it had, it took us down the ‘Flashpoint’ road, if you will. We really didn’t do ‘Flashpoint’ for long, but we dealt with the repercussions for an entire season. Barry wasn’t only the big bad at the end of the year, but he was kind of the villain of the season because it was his fault that everything happened,” Gustin explained at San Diego Comic Con.
“So we’re going to get back to our roots a little bit, and because of this experience in the Speed Force, Barry’s able to let go of things and move on, and he’s able to help the team move on, and the show can get back to its original roots where Barry enjoys having these powers and has fun, and the whole team has a little bit more fun.”
As The Flash enters its fourth season, fans can expect the series to shift its tone. The show’s third season was criticized for being overly dark, so The Flash will go back to its lighter roots once Barry finally returns to Central City after he offered himself up to the Speed Force. The character won’t be crippled by the weight of his “Flashpoint” actions any longer, but Barry will have to deal with its consequences for the rest of forever – or at least until The Flash decides to give itself a hard reboot.