DC Comics fans got a thrill at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, when it was revealed that The Flash’s upcoming solo movie in the DC Extended Universe will be called Flashpoint.
That title is a very loaded word for DC fans, as it invokes one of best-known and beloved DC Comics storylines of the 2000s. Since learning that a Flashpoint movie is coming, fans have been excitedly wondering if the full version of the comic book storyline would be adapted for the screen.
Well, today we have one of the biggest pieces of evidence that the Flaspoint movie is going to borrow some big elements of its comic book counterpart: It’s being reported (via Forbes) that Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot will be in Flashpoint!
The Forbes report breaks down the current popularity of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and where we’ll see her again in the DC Extended Universe. During that breakdown, it’s mentioned that, “Gadot is also expected to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of Flashpoint, which will be Flash’s solo movie but is also more of another superhero team-up featuring several additional DC superheroes.”
That statement confirms that Wonder Woman will be in Flashpoint, but also suggests a whole lot more. From the statement that Flashpoint is “more of another superhero team-up featuring several additional DC superheroes,” it seems that the full scope of the comic book storyline (and all the superhero cameos that come with it) will be part of the film.
This makes it seem like Flashpoint will be something of an solo film/event film mixture, much like Captain America: Civil War, which many Marvel fans cheekily refer to as “Avengers 2.5” for the way it incorporates so many characters. The “Flashpoint” storyline is known for reinventing the entire DC Comics Universe and a lot of its iconic characters – and Wonder Woman is one person who gets a major revision.
Aquaman and Wonder Woman both have big roles to play in DC Comics Flashpoint storyline: The King of Atlantis and Princess of The Amazons are actually betrothed to one another in the Flashpoint timeline – until Aquaman’s queen, Mera, tries to kill Woner Woman out of jealousy. When Wonder Woman kills Mera, it sparks a war between Atlantis and Themyscira that consumes the entire world, leading to nuclear holocaust.
The versions of Wonder Woman and Aquaman in that timeline are both a lot darker and more militant than the heroes we know. Both operate as despot generals hell-bent on winning the war – with little to no concern about the causing Armaggeddon in the process. Wonder Woman is particularly ruthless, leading her Amazons with a “take no prisoners’ policy and a zero tolerance for men. When the Barry Allen/The Flash first discovers he’s in the Flashpoint timeline, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have already destroyed Europe.
Needless to say, if the Flashpoint movie follows the comic book story, then Gal Gadot will get an entirely new Wonder Woman character to play. After endearing herself to fans through a mix of beauty, charm, vulnerability and compassion, seeing Gadot play the hard militant villain would be fun!