Warner Bros. revealed at Comic-Con International: San Diego that the upcoming Flash movie starring Ezra Miller has been titled Flashpoint, leading fans to assume the movie will adapt the comic book event storyline of the same name.
This development could have potentially universe-altering effects for the DC Extended Universe, but there’s also a more personal angle involving Flash, Batman, and Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne. The Flashpoint comic book (written by DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns and drawn by Andy Kubert) concludes with the Flash returning from an alternate reality where it was Bruce who died instead of his father. The Flash brings a note with him from Thomas to give to Bruce.
“You’re one hell of a messenger” 3 part scene #flashpoint pic.twitter.com/2AK17IbF7t
— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) July 30, 2017
The artist known as BossLogic has imagined what that scene could look like in the DC Extended Universe. See his three-scene breakdown below.
In the Flashpoint universe, Thomas Wayne went on to become Batman to avenge his son’s death. Unlike Bruce Wayne’s version of Batman, Thomas Wayne’s “Knight of Vengeance” used guns and killed criminals.
Bruce’s mother, Martha Wayne, was driven mad by her son’s death and became the Flashpoint version of the Joker. BossLogic has previously imagined what Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, the two The Walking Dead stars who played Bruce Wayne’s parents in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, could look like as the Flashpoint Batman and the Joker.
The Flashpoint universe was created after the Flash went back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. The act rippled through time that created the alternate Flashpoint universe. The Flash teamed up with Flashpoint Batman to set things right, which led to the creation of the New 52 universe.
In DC Comics’ Rebirth era, Thomas’ message to Bruce became a plot point again in the mystery surrounding “The Button.”
Before Flashpoint, Batman and the Flash will team up in Justice League.