Thor will return to theaters in a few months for his third solo outing, but fans are paying more attention to his film’s cameos at the moment. Thor: Ragnarok will stand as one of Marvel’s final films to debut ahead of Avengers: Infinity War, and one actress is teasing one of the film’s unexpected cameos.
Recently, Collider had a chance to speak with Tessa Thompson at San Diego Comic Con to discuss Thor: Ragnarok. It was there the Valkyrie actress revealed the film’s post-credits scene was filmed during its recent reshoots.
“Dude, we killed it,” Thompson said, nodding to Thor’s reshoots. “I mean hopefully. We did so many setups, and also what was so exciting is you could see like at the end of the day it would get cut in.”
“There’s two characters in the film that potentially have a fight scene, and some of the reshoots were just adding. So it wasn’t like reshooting stuff,” Thompson explained. “A lot of it was just additional photography or like shooting tags which may or may not have included cameos from elsewhere.”
Of course, fans shouldn’t be surprised to hear the film’s post-credits scene wasn’t whipped up until recently. In the past, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said most of the MCU’s features don’t shoot end-credit teasers until production is wrapping. However, audiences are analyzing Thompson’s comments to suss out as much information as they can about its cameo.
The actress said the scene “may or may not” have come from elsewhere. Fans are wondering if the note implies the cameo takes place outside of Thor: Ragnarok’s setting or if it features characters who aren’t included in the film. Since the Thor reshoots happened in Atlanta, fans are thinking the cameo will tie into Thanos and his whereabouts because Avengers: Infinity War primarily filmed in the same Georgia studio. Fans might just get a couple teasers about the third Avengers film once Thor: Ragnarok rolls its credits, so fans better not leave the theater until the house lights all come on!