Two episodes in, and the newest season of Game of Thrones has already proven to be a bloody affair.
The season began with Arya slaughtering all of House Frey, and it was followed by Euron Greyjoy killing a pair of Sand Snakes with their own weapons.
If the third episode – which airs tonight – follows the formula of the first two, there is definitely at least one brutal death on the way.
Being that the show is Game of Thrones, there truly is no telling who could get the axe in this episode. However, that doesn’t stop us from sharing some educated guesses.
Here are the characters we think could realistically find their way out of the game this week.
Yara Greyjoy and/or Ellaria Sand
Sadly, both of these powerful women are on the chopping block this week.
The climax of last Sunday’s episode caught many off guard as Euron Greyjoy took the rest of the Iron Fleet by force, killing the Sand Snakes and capturing the two most influential women on board.
It’s been made clear that Euron is going to use the women to convince Cersei that he’s loyal. Knowing her, there’s almost no way that ends without at least one of these two meeting their end.
It’s not really a matter of if they’re going to die. At this point, it’s just a matter of when
Grey Worm
Grey Worm finally got his big scene with the love of his life last week. Now he’s heading off into war.
Game of Thrones fans know that is a recipe for disaster.
The fact that Grey Worm is the leader of the Unsullied doesn’t exactly help him here, either. Seriously, what better way could there be to prove to Dany that her forces aren’t exactly unbeatable?
If the Unsullied get beaten at Casterly Rock, Dany is going to need to rethink her entire approach. This defeat could be the push she needs to align herself with Jon Snow.
Melisandre’s days have been numbered ever since Stannis “died” a while back.
It’s no secret that Davos wants the Red Witch dead. When he comes face to face with her at Dragonstone there’s a great chance he unleashes the fury of House Seaworth.
Unless she’s got some other kind of magic hidden up her sleeve, Melisandre has basically served her purpose. All she has now is the ability to be used as a pawn in another character’s story arc.
It may not be this week’s episode, but don’t expect Melisandre to make it out of Season 7.