Waves crash onto a collection of jagged rocks and an army of Dothraki warriors, led by Tyrion, meet Jon Snow and Davos at the shore of Dragonstone. Jon and Tyrion shake hands and catch up. Seaworth introduces himself. Missandei does the same. Jon and Davos hand over their weapons and the soldiers carry their boat off. They follow Missandei back up the hill. Davos tells Jon, “This place has changed.”
Tyrion talks with Jon about their stories and Sansa’s health. Jon says his people think he’s a fool for coming to Dragonstone. He says Stark men don’t fare well when they travel south.
“i’m not a Stark.”
A dragon flies overhead and the crew continues walking toward the castle. Melisandre watches over the guests’ arrival. She tells Varys “I brought ice and fire together.” She then says she’s finished whispering in the ears of kings. Melisandre says she made mistakes in the past, and so she didn’t bid a fond farewell to Jon and Davos. She tells Varys that she’s going to leave Westeros, but that she will return someday.
“I have to die in this strange country. Same as you.”
Jon and the Others Enter the Throne Room…
Daenerys sits on her throne as everyone approaches. She addresses Jon and tells him she is the rightful queen of Westeros, then lists all of her other titles. Davos responds by saying Jon is King of the North.
Jon says the winds were kind to him. The trio discuss the title of “King” in the North, and Daenerys says that the Starks swore an oath to the Targaryens a long time ago. He says he won’t bend a knee because of what her father did. Daenerys asks his forgiveness on behalf of all of her house. She says their families were allies for the best of centuries for Westeros. It was meant for a Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne and for a Stark to serve as Warden of the North.
“Honor the pledge our ancestors made.”
Jon agrees that Dany is right. She isn’t guilty of her family’s crimes, and he isn’t meant to keep the oaths of his either. He’s there because they need each other’s help.
Jon says he knows that Dany is a better person than Cersei because she hasn’t invaded Winterfell yet, despite the fact that it’s the quickest way to defeat Cersei. Dany is agitated.
“I am not your enemy. The dead are the enemy.”
Jon explains the Night King and the army of the dead.
Dany goes on to explain her history, and to say that Robert Baratheon tried to murder her as a baby. She’s risen above everything. She tells Jon why she’s going to rule the Seven Kingdoms.
“You’ll be ruling over a graveyard if we don’t defeat the Night King.”
Davos agrees that it all sounds like nonsense, but he tells Dany why Jon is just as capable a leader as she is. He rose above everything, just as she did.
Jon says there’s no time to do anything but fight the enemy that is lurking above the wall. He says he will continue to lead for the people in the North as long as he can. She says that, by declaring himself a king, Jon is in open rebellion.
Varys enters and whispers into Dany’s ear. She dismisses Jon and everyone else.
Jon asks if he is her prisoner.
“Not yet.”
Jon and Davos exit the throne room and Varys tells her of Euron’s attack on her boats.
Theon Greyjoy is Pulled from the Water
A group of fellow ironborn ask Theon how he escaped, and he tells them that Euron has Yara. They say that he didn’t try to save her.
Back in King’s Landing, Euron rides through the town with Yara and Ellaria strung behind them. People are celebrating him.
“This is the life.”
People in the streets shout and throw things at the women. Euron rides into the throne room and leads the group to Cersei. He dismounts and presents his gifts. Ellaria spits at the feet of Cersei.
Cersei says that Euron has proven himself adn that he shall have what his heart desires, when the war is won. Cersei claims that Jaime and Euron will lead the army and navy against their opposing forces. The people clap. Euron asks Jaime how Cersei “likes it.”
Euron leaves, pulling Yara behind him.
Cersei is in a room with Ellaria, her daughter, and The Mountain. Cersei then talks about the death of Oberyn. “If only he hadn’t taunted him, he could’ve walked away.” The Queen then talks about the loss of her daughter. She walks over to Ellaria’s final daughter while she talks. She tells Ellaria how she dreams of killing her.
Cersei kisses the young Sand girl, poisoning her as Ellaria did Myrcella. Her maester gives her the antidote, saying that death is certain. Cersei then tells Ellaria that she will watch her daughter die, then stay in that cell to watch her daughter rot into bones and dust.
Jamie is Upstairs…
As he’s changing his hand, Cersei enters the room. She begins kissing him and getting him undressed.
Cersei wakes up in bed with Jamie the next morning and there is a knock on the door. He tells her not to, but she gets up to answer the door. He says “no one can see us like this.”
“I’m the queen of the Seven Kingdoms, I can do as I please.”
The young person at the door tells Cersei that the visitor from Bravos has arrived. She meets with the man from the Iron Bank and he tells her that he appreciates what she’s done to take control and restore order.
He says her debts are considerable, and she’s entering a conflict so it’s unlikely that she can pay that debt back. Robert’s dead has also seemed to carry over and the Tyrell’s are now her enemies.
The two talk about Cersei’s odds against Daenerys. Cersei convinces him that she always pay her debts, and that Dany won’t.
“Give me a fortnight. Stay here in King’s Landing and I swear, when you return to Bravos, my debt will be paid in full.”
Tyrion Walks Along a Cliff…
He approached Jon Snow to speak with him. The two look out over the water. Tyrion says that he came to brood over missing the Greyjoy attack.
“The dead are coming for us all.”
Jon can’t believe why Tyrion isn’t believing him and helping get something done at the wall. Tyrion says he believes him now because he trusts the eyes of an honest man.
Jon says he needs to help prepare his people for what’s coming and that he’d like to leave.
“It’s unlikely you became King of The North by giving up that quickly.”
Tyrion says that Jon and Dany are more alike than he thinks. He says that the two are protectors. Jon begins to walk away and Tyrion asks Jon if there is something “reasonable” he can do to help.
Tyrion is in the throne room with Dany asking her about Dragonglass. He tells her that Dragonglass can kill the enemies in the north. He doesn’t want to believe Jon Snow, but he does. He says he believes Jon because he came to Dragonstone.
He tells Dany to let him mine the Dragonglass. By giving him something, they help each other. She wasn’t using it anyway.
Outside, Jon watches the dragons fly above as he approached Dany. She says she named the pair after her dead brothers. The two talk about loss, and Jon agrees that he’s also lost two of his brothers.
Jon says he doesn’t enjoy what he’s good at. They both agree that Cersei shouldn’t stay on the Iron Throne. She says she will allow him to mine the Dragonglass and will give him any manpower he needs for the North.
He asks if she believes him.
“You better get to work, Jon Snow.”
Back at Winterfell
Sansa looks over the incoming food with Littlefinger and some other advisors. They say there is only food for 1000 people for one year. She wants to prepare for a longer winter.
“Command suits you, ” Littlefinger tells Sansa.
He tried to convince her that she needs to worry about Cersei and not just the white walkers. He tells her to fight every battle, everywhere, in her mind.
“Every possible series of events is happening, all at once.”
A soldier tells Sansa that someone is at the gate. She walks out to find that Bran has been brought to her. The siblings see each other for the first time in a long while and Bran says hello. She hugs him.
At the tree, Bran and Sansa talk about what’s going in the North. She says Bran is Lord of Winterfell, but he refuses. He says he’s the Three-Eyed Raven.
“It means I can see everything that’s ever happened, to anyone. Everything that’s happening now.”
He says he needs to be ready when the Long Night comes. He apologizes for everything that happened to her with Ramsay. Sansa goes inside, while Bran says that he’s going to stay a bit longer.
At The Citadel…
Sam and the Archmaester are examining Jorah, and it looks like all of his greyscale has been peeled away.
“The infection no longer appears to be active.”
Jorah said he just started feeling better. He says that it was probably the rest and the climate that healed him. Archmaester tells Jorah that he’s free to go and that Sam has to meet him later that night.
Jorah says that he’s going to go back to Dany. The two hope their paths cross again. They shake hands and part ways.
Sam tells the Archmaester from treating him, agreeing that he was forbidden from doing so. He says he forbade it because it was dangerous and rarely successful. He says that many have failed to do what Sam did, and he ask how.
“I read the book and followed the instructions.”
“That man in alive because of you. You should be proud.”
The Archmaester tells Sam to make copies of a bunch of rotting scrolls.
“Your reweard is now being immediately expelled from the Citadel.”
In Dany’s War Room
Dany wants to defeat Euron, and she says she wants to fly her dragons over the sea to kill his ships. Tyrion says that the risk is too great. They say that the battle at Casterly Rock will be a difficult one for Grey Worm.
The Unsullied sail into Casterly Rock and attack. The Lannister army is ready for them. The battle begins.
“Many men will die.”
Tyrion tells Dany that he built the sewers and that he built secret ways in. Grey Worm and a few men sneak in and open the doors for the others. The men are outnumbered but the Lannister men fight out of fear. The Unsullied fight for freedom, and that is why they will triumph.
Grey Worm and the Unsullied have taken over Casterly Rock. He tells his men that there should be more to fight. They look over to see their ships being burned. He asks a dying soldier where the other Lannisters are.
A large Lannister army marches with Jaime, Bronn is at his side. They are bearing down on House Tyrell.
Jaime goes inside the castle, men lie dead all around. He makes his way up to Lady Tyrell. Jaime enters her chambers. She says, “It’s done.”
They reveal that the soldiers at Casterly Rock were Tyrell’s, not Lannisters.
“Casterly Rock isn’t worth much anymore.”
Jaime reveals that he did the same thing to Dany that Robb Stark did to him, and he created a diversion. Lady Tyrell asks Jaime how he’s going to kill her. She calls Cersei a monster for what she’s done over the years. She knows that Jaime loves her.
“You poor fool. She’ll be the end of you.”
She says that Cersei is a disease, and she regrets her role in spreading it.
Jaime says Cersei had plenty of embarrassing ideas as to how she would die. Jaime talked her out of all that, and he poisons her drink. He says there will be no pain and Lady Tyrell drinks the glass.
She says she’s hate to die the way Joffrey did, so she’s glad there won’t be pain. She reveals that she was behind his poisoning.
“Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”
Jaime leaves the room.
The end.