Justice League is still a few months out, but promotions for DC Film’s next movie are already ramping up. San Diego Comic Con brought the film out in full-force with a new trailer and even more toys. And, now, some new box art for the Justice League action figures is giving fans a new look at Batman.
Over on Reddit, an enhanced photo of box art from Justice League’s DC Multiverse Series is making the rounds. The picture, which is printed on the side of Batman’s packaging, is a close-up shot of the hero in his costume. The black-and-white image highlights Bruce Wayne’s high-tech suit and its centered bat logo.
Of course, the close-up is meant to reflect the action figure Justice League is rolling out. The DC Multiverse Line debuted its upcoming toy roster over on the Justice League’s official website. Mattel announced it will sell action figures of the entire Justice League line-up as Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and more are getting their own articulated figures.
Not only will the team be getting toys, but Mattel will also give Batman’s ride an action figure. The Elite-Tek Batmobile will also go on sale soon, and the collectible will feature lights, sound, and be remote-controlled through a mobile app.