Superman is the master of disguise, but Henry Cavill may have found a way to one-up Clark Kent’s glasses-centric wardrobe. Justice League is currently undergoing reshoots, but the ordeal has become more complicated than first thought. Variety has just reported the shoots are much more extensive than fans imagined, and they’ve forced Cavill to suit up as Superman with one hell of a mustache.
Yes, that’s right. The DC Extended Universe has catered to you mustache-loving fans. Just, don’t expect Justice League to keep Superman and his newfound facial hair.
According to Variety, the reshoots for Justice League are conflicted with Cavill’s current work on Mission Impossible 6. The actor has traveled to-and-from reshoots out of necessity, and he’s had to do so with a beard. Cavill’s character in the Paramount film required him to grow facial hair, and the studio barred the actor from shaving during production. As such, the mustache Cavill grew will have to be “digitally removed in post-production” for Justice League, but fans are kind of wishing the facial hair just stuck around.
Over on Twitter, fans have started a meme-filled protest against the Justice League scrape. Netizen are rallying behind the thought of a mustached Superman, and Photoshop is being used liberally to create concept art of such a thing. You can check out some of the mock-ups below, but don’t get your hopes up. It’s all but certain Warner Bros. is anti-mustache when it come to Clark Kent, so expect to see the character’s jawline bare when he returns to the big screen.
we’ll fix it in post
— Walter Hickey (@WaltHickey) July 24, 2017
If this isn’t the kind of handle-bar mustache Superman would rock on the big screen, then what is the point?
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Superman should show up in #JusticeLeague with this mustache, go up to #WonderWoman and be like “Ooooo, I’m Ares!”
— John Orquiola (@BackoftheHead) July 24, 2017
Somehow, the Ares mustache has managed to age the Kryptonian by about 50 years, and we’re not sure how to feel about that.mikeryan
This would be a good time for Gillette to bring back that “How Does Superman Shave?” ad campaign.
— Mike Ryan (@mikeryan) July 24, 2017
If Justce Leage wanted more Gillette promo tie-ins, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep the superhero hair around.
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Times in which Superman has rocked a mustache. 🤣#SuperStache
— Mo Walker (@doctormo77) July 24, 2017
Alright, so it’s not quite the same, but still! The point stands; Superman’s mustache is technically canon.
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I don’t know, I think it’d be kinda fun to see Superman saving the world with a burly mustache. What about you?
— Alex Billington (@firstshowing) July 24, 2017
This. This is the face of a man you’d trust to take down Steppenwolf. Justice League better be capitalizing on that.